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in Bournemouth?

It's a five star service! We look after your training sessions, both with us and away from us. We coach you as a whole, including nutrition, lifestyle and mindset.

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Personalised fitness

The Personal Training studio is ideal for 1-2-1 and small group sessions, making it currently a very safe comfortable place to train.

We are also offering sessions in the great outdoors at Meyrick park. Mobile sessions at your home / other location can be arranged (travel charge may apply).

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Our services / packages

All our services are bespoke, here are some of the areas and packages we offer.

Fitter, leaner, stronger

Whether it's a few PT sessions to get going or regular weekly training you are in good hands.

Weight loss

Learn how to boost metabolism, eat and train properly for long term effective weight loss.

Sports Massage

Effective treatment for a range of conditions including muscular aches/pains and injuries.

Events / Sports training

Train specifically for your sport or event and simply perform better.

Strength training

Resistance training is a must for everyone, come and do it the right way for your goals.

Team up fitness

Team up with your family or friends for group training sessions, better for fun and value.

Online training

Remote coaching is great for all levels, for support with greater flexibility.

Wedding package

Getting ready for the big day? Get in shape individually or as a team..

Carol Tapper


I would definitely recommend BourneFit Personal Training Studio to anyone - they are patient with me at the same time always looking for results. I always look forward to our weekly sessions, it makes all the difference and really keeps me on track ..

Chris Gee

Local Dad, now sporty

Training with Simon and Luke has transformed my lifestyle. A year ago I was really out of shape, now I am back to playing sport three times a week, have loads of energy and feel fantastic!

James Scott

Former couch potato, Charminster

Coming in for regular weekly sessions makes the world of difference as I am now regularly exercising for the first time in years. These guys have a good attitude and are great at what they do.

Liz Newton

Regular client

Simon and Luke are extremely personable and focused. Workouts are never the same, always kept interesting and feel good (afterwards!). I have recommended lots of friends who have also had great experiences.