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simon lesser, personal training bournemouth

Simon Lesser

Simon studied with the American College of Sport Medicine among others and (to say this kindly) has working in fitness since 1998. His expertise is in nutrition, sports psychology and efficient training plans. He motivates through finding the best level for any given person and aiming for long term success.

Simon is into mountain biking, trail running, tennis and watersports.

personal training bournemouth

Luke Monahan

Luke studied Sports Science at Brockenhurst College, before working in Personal Training and Sports Therapy. He has great knowledge in strength training and conditioning as well as in endurance sports training and plans. Luke's client rapport is second to none as is his ability to retain information on health, fitness and life in general.

Luke can often be found flying around Dorset on his road bike and racing on the weekends all over the UK.


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Luke Monahan

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