What’s holding back your weight loss?

Many of us want to lose weight, or more specifically shed body fat.  This is met with differing degrees of success.  At BourneFit Personal Training week in week out we see people’s experiences first hand, know what works and what doesn’t.  If you have tried shifting weight without success maybe one of the following is holding  you back.

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Too focused on counting Calories

Counting calories does work to a point.  If metabolism dictates calorie needs of 2500kcal and we eat 5000kcal a day, it’s no surprise weight will go on easily.  Counting calories is also very hard work there are easier methods. When it comes to weight loss, all calories are definitely not equal, food type rather than food energy is important.  Think you could lose weight on 4 bags of marshmallows a day..think again!

The wrong exercise

Essentially there is no wrong type of exercise, they all work pretty well – importantly most people don’t get enough.  Working hard in exercise whether interval training, conditioning or playing sport is the key.  Calories burned following exercise are dictated by level of intensity.  Activity most days of the week is optimum for most of us!

Food coming from different accounts

A few choccy biscuits at home, a milkshake out in town, dessert at a restaurant, some wine round a mates – it’s all coming out of the same account!

Good days versus Bad days

Granted we are not all angels (well who would want to be!), but too many treats through the week adds up.  A few wines on a Friday, a birthday meal out, lunch in the pub, chocolate and a movie all adds up too quickly.  Allow a cheat day each week and keep it to just that.  There are only 7 days in a week, mess up 3 or 4 of those and it’s only going one way!

Lifestyle issues

Good nutrition and exercise is essential for weight loss.  Factors such as stress, having too much on your plate work and family commitments all has an effect on the body.  This can change the body systemically. We have commonly seen people leave an unhappy  job for example and suddenly the weight drops off.

Not counting alcohol calories

With nearly as many calories per gram as fat (think eating pure lard!), alcohol is a downfall for many.  Alcohol also affects the body’s metabolism as a toxin and fat storer.


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