Weight loss: The best way to start the day

After a hard earned nights sleep, top of the list for encouraging the body to burn fat is a solid breakfast. How we eat first thing is often linked to how we eat and behave the rest of the day..

Whats in: High protein, slow release brekky

High protein is trickier at this end of the day, but essential to boosting metabolism and slowing the release.  Something easy to prepare and easy to stomach are probably most important.  With many breakfast cereals high in sugar and covered in milk it is worth trying other options.

Porridge – the slowest releasing of all the cereal type brekkys also loaded with some protein.  By adding some seeds such as linseeds or sunflower seeds we can increase the protein as well as some slow releasing essential fats. Also try vanilla essence or cinnamon here for taste minimizing sugar or honey.

Eggs – in any form but fried! 2 or even 3 eggs poached, scrambled or dippy are great.  They can easily be combined with some baked beans for high fibre and more protein.

Muesli – tasty, filling and loaded with nuts and seeds (add your own if needs be).  Wheat free versions can be homemade or pre bought and try soya milk instead of cows milk.

Not ideal, but the eggs, beans, mushrooms and tomatos are fair game..

Whats out: Fast releasing muck!

Fast releasing breakfasts kickstart insulin for the rest of the day, leading to hunger, more hunger and fat storage.

Check the sugar content of your favourite breakfast cereal, probably as high as 20-25% guaranteed to send your blood sugar higher than a rocket by 10am.

Toast with fatty spread or sugary preserves will probably last as long as the drive to work.  Many of us don’t tolerate bread/wheat very well, best avoided when better options are available.

Skipping breakfast altogether is a common problem and probably worse than all the above put together.

A few squats in the morning

Early morning exercise will ensure subsequent calories are encouraged into muscle rather then fat and chuck metabolism into orbit!

Even a few minutes of exercise in the form of squats, press ups or sit ups will do. Power walking or even a regular workout early in the day is great.  This is a very powerful weapon, but something many forget – a great habit to form if you can.