Weight loss : The best advice in a nutshell

Whether you have been trying to lose weight for a while or just thinking of getting started it can be tricky to get the best information.  Here at BourneFit we are experts in weight loss and understand there are more than just a few elements. We are all different.  That said, here’s a cracking start giving you the best bits..

So here’s the main information.  Much of the info comes from where the research is at and is also based on professional experiences and having seen what works.  


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The best way to lose weight

Get mentally focused.  It sounds cliche, but if you are totally committed to something it will happen.  You have to want it every hour of the day, think about it constantly and be determined for it to happen.  


Along these lines, sometimes we need to change the way we approach things mentally.  This does not have to be a pass or fail scenario.  We are human, there may be the odd shocker we just have to think long term and stay committed. .  


Food guide


All diets work.  In some shape or form they restrict what you eat and cause fat loss, mainly through cutting calories.  The trouble is they are hard to stick to and often result in rebounding weight.  But….bear in mind they all work.  


Dietary changes are the best changes we can make and the ones which will affect weight loss the most.  We need to make some brutal changes!..


Here are 3 major changes.  Here are the best 3 thing we can do to encourage weight loss.  


1.  Cut out the crap.  We know beer and chocolate are going to hold back weight loss if not with calories by the toxic nature and the effect the have on the body.  If in doubt go back a couple of paragraphs to ‘get mentally focused’ and get more committed.  Avoid as much sugar as possible and most packaged products preparing all meals from fresh ingredients.  These foods will keep you satisfied and encourage long term weight loss.  


2.   Eat less carbs.  Use a food tracker like myfitnesspal to limit or restrict consumption of all sugars, bread, grain based foods and high carb foods.  They release insulin which encourages fat storage.  Target less than 100 g of carbs per day.  


3.  Try a fast 2 days per week.  Simply skip breakfast and lunch if you can, snack in the afternoon if it helps then eat a ‘normal’ evening meal.  Obviously we are cutting a lot of calories here, but also changing the body uses fuels and encouraging other health benefits.  Fasting is great to really help us appreciate appetite and food in general.  Fasting allows us to eat more on the other days of the week, preventing a dropped metabolism.  


​Exercise guide​

All exercise promotes weight loss.  Cardio burns calories, weight training boosts metabolism, intervals burn more calories.  

If you are not training properly 3-4 times a week then do this straight away.  

If you are then try some fat burning workouts by exercising while slightly hungry, slower for longer.  If you normally run 5k on a Saturday morning, run for 8k on an empty stomach but steady.  Once or twice a week is good for this – it won’t boost performance but it will encourage fat loss.  


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