Weight Loss: How exercise helps

Of the many aspects affecting weight loss, exercise is certainly one of the most significant.  Here we will look at why this is the case, and if so how much and what type works the best.

Losing weight without exercise

Yes, this can be done, but the honest opinion is that this is a slower process.  Want to lose weight fast, just don’t eat! Following a faddy diet will get results short term, but what next?

Looking for long term efficient weight loss that stays off as well as being fitter, healthier and stronger? Get down the gym!

Burn baby burn

The calorie burning effect of exercise is huge, but not in the way you may believe.  During exercise, vigorous cardio activity such as rowing or running may burn anywhere from 600 calories rarely beyond 1000 calories  But thats a lot of work, and solid for an hour!

It’s the afterburn of exercise that is key, the increased metabolism for anything up to 24 hours afterwards.  See more on this below..


Cardio v’s Conditioning

So, which is the best for burning fat?  This is an age old question and can simply be answered by saying a combination of the two.  There are opinions and research showing either way, but essentially cardio will tap into fat directly.  Conditioning on the other hand will tone muscles, making them more metabolically active increasing metabolism every day!

Other aspects

As well as all the obvious benefits of exercise for weight loss, it simply allows us to be human.  An over indulgent meal on the weekend just requires more time sweating on a Monday.  When metabolism is on the rise the little slip ups and treats along the way.  Regular, well planned exercise will speed up the weight loss process without a doubt!