Ways to be more efficient and get fitter

In modern life we are all busy in our lives, rushing from job to job and jumping from tech to tech.  This can be problematic for some when it comes to trying to exercise. We all know we should be active every day and be aiming for 2-4 good training sessions a week (depending on goals). Here are some ways we can find time to get fit…

Make daily routines a workout

This is my personal favourite.  I will do some stretches/foam rolling while watching the news in the morning, cycle the school drop off and commute to work (6 miles plus!), then maybe even add some core work before first session.  Powerful stuff.

Another favourite is walking or jogging to the local shops for that pint of milk.  It’s better for your body as well as the environment and the more we do these types of things the easier it becomes.


Kids and dogs

If you don’t have any of the above kidnap one or buy one!  The perfect excuse to run around the park, play games, throw and climb.  Some of the funnest sessions will be a long dog walk in the forest or a game of park footy.



The classic case is the number of hours we spend watching TV and surfing facebook versus doing exercise.  Sometimes fitness just needs to be prioritized, it’s your health we are talking about.

Efficient living is another subject in itself.  Often we make a task bigger then it is by spending more time on it than necessary, even putting it off for longer will make it harder.  The cost of checking email too often is huge, when we often only need to check a few times a day.


Little and often

Along these lines those mini sessions of 15-20 minutes per day are invaluable.  By scheduling a shorter session we are more likely to get going on it.  A good strength session or cardio session can be condensed into 30 minutes so if time is short this can be a great way to go.  Personally I always strength train for less than 20 minutes!


Here are some other nuggets to get your training wedged in..

  • Set the alarm 30 minutes earlier. Unless it’s an early start anyway this is a perfect hassle free start to the day.
  • As above, train on the way to work.  Join a fitness club  en route!
  • Buy a bike.  They can get you everywhere faster and are much more fun.


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