Top tips for beginner runners

There are lots of benefits to the age old mode of jogging.  It’s free, effective and can be done pretty much anywhere, any time.  Many people want to get fit and simply like the idea of running, so here are some simple tips that work well for beginners and intermediates alike…

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  • Don’t make it difficult.  Running has a high oxygen demand which is why 60 seconds around the corner the world goes a bit fuzzy and the legs go to jelly.  Make it easy.  As soon as the breathing gets laboured stop and walk a while.  In the early day it may be a case of just running 5 lots of 60 seconds and improving on that.
  • Stay relaxed.  Reduce that oxygen demand by keeping upright and relaxing the arms.  A very effective way to gauging your running is listening to your feet. Low ground contact time and quiet feet is a sign of a good runner.
  • Get the gear.  There are some brilliant phone apps and some even better GPS watches.  These are well worth the investment and motivate your to run further each time.
  • Get some more gear.  Decent clothing, socks and trainers are a worthwhile investment once you get going.
  • Find a good route or routes.  A route with varied terrain is great or simply find a nice loop from your front door as this is less fuss and a good way of exploring.
  • Read ‘Born to run’ by Chris McDougall – it’s a game changer.
  • Enter an event.  Nothing motivates you more to build up those miles than an upcoming event.


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