Wight Challenge: The aftermath

As you’re probably aware we have been gearing up for the Wight Challenge for a few months which took place last weekend. Finally the day had arrived and some weeks of running and cycling (and no canoeing at all) we set of to complete the Wight Challenge. Here’s how we got on..

The course

19 mile off road cycle   –  2 mile canoe   –   8 mile run

The format of the event was all teams of 3 had to start and finish together.  this made the event very enjoyable and created a great atmosphere.  The settings around the Isle of Wight were stunning with well thought out and hilly routes.



How we got on

Our strongest element was going to be the bike ride.  We had a strong start flying through section after section – some technical skills definitely helped here.  Then, disaster.  2 punctures in 10 minutes left us damaged but not down, so we finished as well as possible and onto the canoe.

The Canoe was through an estuary, absolutely stunning views and plenty of sunshine.  Back to the van for another change of clothes and off to put a good run time in.

As we went out on the run, we realized on the timing board we had still posted a good cycle time, maybe there was something to play for.  The run was tough, hilly, rugged and even hotter.  We came back in a heap feeling like we had worked and got a well deserved free massage :0).

As we watched the other teams finish, we kept an eye on the times and held onto top spot.  Happy sat in the food area with lasagne and ice cream we talked of another visit next year…   Such a good event.

Up for the challenge

It was seriously good fun and we can totally recommend it.  Let us know if you’d like to be part of a team next year let us know – the site is  http://www.wightchallenge.co.uk/

Thank you to all who donated and supported!

The Wight Challenge returns this year

Fancy a challenge this year?

We did this challenge as a 3 and thoroughly enjoyed it. (see our report here from September)

Wight Challenge titleblock

The Wightlink Wight Challenge
To the Isle of Wight where teams of three cycle 19 miles, canoe 2 miles and run 8 miles through areas of outstanding natural beauty…… and raise great sums for great causes. Visit the website for more details


This years dates – (always Saturdays)
25th May (Bank holiday weekend) 9am event start
21st September  9.30am event start