Training: how much is enough?

How much exercise we take is an individual mix.  It depends on what our goals are, types of training involved, results, motivation and lifestyle. Let’s have a look at what typically needs to be done – how much is enough?


Really and truthfully our goals will dictate most of our training.  Take weight training for example.  Someone who is looking at general fitness may need as little as 15-20 minutes 2 times a week as part of another workout.  Someone looking for cover model of a fitness magazine will need to be pounding the gym most days of the week.

The same can be said of cardiovascular exercise.  Someone looking for an increase in fitness could see results at as little as 3 lots of 20 minutes per week.  Distance events like marathons and triathlons would definitely require more hours of commitment due to the nature of the event.



The good news for some is the way some research is headed.  Less is more so to speak…

  • Strength training – much can be done in under 30 minutes these days.  3 sets of quality is better than 6 sets of junk!
  • Cardio – fitness benefits from interval training are extremely high.  Most people cannot finish a set of 8 x 1 minute sprints which is more than enough to boost cardiovascular fitness.
  • Flexibility – A few minutes 2-3 times a day is still the optimum amount of time to stretch a muscle group.  Beyond this the effect of stretching reduces. is worth really drilling down and considering what elements of fitness are most important.  At times it may be a case on maintain one, work on another.  On a busy week it’s extremely easy to let it go altogether – why not maintain instead.

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