Motivation versus goals

This time of year many people are trying to get back to their fitness or even start a new campaign altogether.  By far the biggest factor to success (in literally anything!) is motivation.  Without motivation it’s a tough process and with motivation almost anything can be achieved.

The problem for most of us….motivation goes up and down.

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It happens.  This may be a clean lean diet, starting a new sport, losing weight, whatever.  This is where goal setting comes in.  Goals keep the motivation high, keep us on track and give us somewhere to head for.  It makes sense to set goals, especially for getting fit and losing weight, so here are a couple of tips on setting goals..

  • Short to medium term goals work best.  Think 6-12 weeks.
  • Make your goal specific.  “Getting fitter” is too vague, instead go for “do some exercise 3 times a week for a whole month” or “jog 2k non stop”.
  • Reward yourself.  When you get there (and you will) build in a mini reward.  “If I lose 4 kg I will buy those trainers I want”.
  • Set the difficulty right not too easy and not impossible either.

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Foolproof fitness, our approach..

A little while ago we posted a short article on ’20 minutes or bust’ helping us to re think the quality of our training (see it here).  New years resolution time and possible even time to start getting in shape for the spring/summer let’s look at quality.   Whatever your goals, big or small, these two points cannot be emphasized enough…

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The trick to good training is it’s always specific and therefore we need to get specific in our approach.  What is it we are really after?  For many it’s simply a case of wanting to feel healthier and more ‘in shape’.  Again we need to drill down to exactly what needs to be done to get to that stage.

We really need to drill down to what’s most important…

Let’s start with a quick overview on the elements of fitness and what can be done in minimum time (again).  It’s important to work out your highest priorities..

Fitness – aerobic fitness can be boosted easily with a total workload of say 5 x 1 minute intervals (painful but effective!).

Strength/toning – we don’t need to train like bodybuilders.  Personally I only do 20 minutes of gym work twice a week.

Flexibility – stretching is often best done 3 x 5 minutes a day regularly.

Weight loss – it’s more than half nutrition, make small changes to your diet

Nutrition – basic natural foods still rule!

Along these lines, incidentally we currently run 45 minute Personal Training sessions based on higher quality in less time.

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..then we need to make choices we can stick to

Where do you see your time best spent?  Do you love/hate the gym?  What did you spend time doing as a kid?

We need to work to our strengths and weaknesses here as we should be in all areas of life.  I have heard people say “I should be running to burn calories” or “what’s going to get me fittest?”.  The obvious answer is if you are naturally ok at running and can tough out the weather, go running.  If it hurts like hell, have a history of knee pain and hate the outdoors don’t do it!

The most effective exercises are the ones you will stick to.  Some people need more motivation and maybe choose events to build up to.  Others prefer team sports, individual sports, grunting weights, hitting things or climbing hills.  Often lots of variety will help and remember it’s all very individual and not necessarily forever.  Don’t be afraid to experiment..and definitely come and see us for a session to make a good start on things..


At BourneFit we are about quality training that’s right for you and choices that you’ll stick to.  

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2014 – What fitness goals will you achieve this year?

Another year, another resolution, another chance to re assess your fitness goals.  Personally I think this is a good thing – we run busy lives and it’s easy to get distracted or feel overwhelmed.


Here are a few examples of fitness goals that may help to inspire you.  Remember goal setting needs to be measurable and attainable without being too easy.  Simply ‘get fitter’ or ‘lose a bit of flab’ does not cut it.  Often some sort of in built reward will help..

  • Always wanted to play a particular sport? Use that as motivation – this could be set out as…get fit in the gym until May or lose that excess 2 stone around the middle, then join the local tennis club and have coaching through the summer.
  • Weight loss – this could be as simple as, overhaul the diet and increase training levels with a goal measurement, then book a holiday at the end to show off that new body!
  • Swimming is a fantastic way to get fit – maybe a block of swimming lessons would help, and while you’re at it book the pier to pier swim in the summer.
  • The same could be said for running. Start now and build up through a number of events to run a half marathon later in the year.
  • Often we see people about to have kids, or grand kids.  Suddenly they realize they aren’t going to keep up, they want to live longer and also set a good example to their offspring.  This is a powerful goal which can easily be achieved even on an hour or two a week.
  • Many goals can be easily broken down into smaller goals.  The ultimate goal may be to become a decent cyclist and compete.  This may take months of leg work, mileage building on the bike, flexibility, bike handling skills etc.

The list here is endless, but the message is clear.  Having a motivational reason to improve fitness really helps and it has to be personal to you. Now is the time to think where we want to be in 6 months, then act on it.

See you in the summer, peace I’m outta here!

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Make it happen this year

What are your goals this year? Thinking of getting in shape, losing some weight, running a 10k or simply becoming healthier?!  Achievement is a wonderful thing, here is some simple advice to make it happen this year.

Goal setting

I believe this originated in the business environment many years ago.  It transfers over to health and fitness (or indeed most things in life) very well and is still effective.  Setting clear, well defined goals sharpens the mind and body into achieving.

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Step 1 – Set the goal!  This needs to be measurable such as run 10k in under 55 minutes, or lose 5kg in weight.  Simply saying ‘feel better’ or ‘get healthy’ is too vague.

Step 2 – Plan the journey. Set smaller goals and plans to get you where you want to be.  Want to run the 10k under 55 minutes.  Initially the steps may be simply running regular twice a week – build up to 10k – work on the speed – enter an event.  Setting priorities and smaller goals each week will lead to success.

Ensure statements are in the positive.  “Stop eating junk” or “Don’t slob out” are shocking examples.  Use phrases such as “plan meals in advance” or “aim for 3 workouts during the week”.

Step 3 – get there. Now all you need to to is make it but be willing to work along the way.  Your goals may be too easy or too hard in which case they may need adjusting. The best goals are just within reach.

Write down mini tasks each week, change your screen saver to remind you where you want to be and remind yourself of your goals as a personal project.

Enjoy the experience and observe your progress as you go.  You may even want to offer yourself mini rewards along the way,  but most of all feel the satisfaction!