21st Century Living: Simple steps to stress relief

An undeniable part of modern life is some stress as a side effect.  We look at defining more what stress is and offer some simple ways to help alleviate it, a major way to improve happiness and health!

What is stress?

Stress is defined not simply as being in a rage, beetroot in the face wanting to rip someone’s head off.  It tends to be more subtle than that.  And it is not necessarily a bad thing,  without it we would be bored and lethargic, not even able to get out of bed in the morning.

For many it tends to shift the other way.  Anything in abundance can be bad and stress can mount up reducing our quality of life or even causing a range of health issues further down the line.

Stress in different disguises

The classic story is someone burned out from work, taking a holiday to chill out.  There is excitement about the holiday (a form of stress) a rush to the airport. What’s the first thing they do?  Drink alcohol in the heat, lie on the lounger reading an exciting thriller or go and do some thrill seeking watersports.  Tricky..

The body knows no difference between different forms of stress, it essentially all comes out of the same account. Day to day family life, work, having no time, driving, multitasking and even exercise are a stress on the body. Even if you enjoy hustle and bustle, the body knows no different.  It’s time to make some deposits!..

Take a nap

Definitely a fan. Take a nap – 20-30 minutes ‘beepies’ will recharge your batteries and make you feel much better.  It’s like having two days in one!

Have a massage
Come and see us, or even get your partner to do it.  It’s like having a reset button.

You’re having a laugh
For all the scientific studies, laughing still seems to be the best medicine. Surround yourself with fun people, do stuff that makes you laugh.  It helps you live longer too.

Finding your flow would be described as doing the things you are truly good at lose yourself in.  Time doesn’t matter when you in flow mode.  This may be playing  a musical instrument, painting, hiking or walking along the beach.  So this as often as possible.

You know it works, you always feel better.  Nuff said!

Eat a good diet
A bad diet is a form of stress on the body as it scrambles to process and detoxify processed foods.  Eating well helps the body feel good, fighting stress and anything else that comes along.

Relaxation, meditation or yoga
Not necessarily in lotus position chanting but this may involve an everyday walk, just appreciating the feel of the wind, the season and your surroundings.  Just sitting quietly ‘observing your breath’ is a good place to start.

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