Weight Loss: Alternative lunch ideas

Following a couple of client queries regarding lunches over the past couple of weeks we found it easier to share a post.

The problem:  It’s winter and I’m still eating salads, possibly getting slightly bored.    I need some variety and something that suits the time of year more.

The answer: Here goes..


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The principles or all meals designed towards weight loss (or fat loss) remain the same.  High in protein, loaded with vegetables and slow releasing energy.  We are aiming to eliminate certain food groups such as wheat and dairy to be safe as they often slow weight loss.  A protein salad is the perfect option here as it ticks all the boxes, can be eaten cold and varied easily.

Other options

Ok ok, now for a couple of other options.  We are trying to use the same principles here but may suffer ever so slightly on quality.

  • Home made vegetable soup, but use protein as a side dish (ie half a can of  tuna, a turkey breast).
  • Chilli con carne with little or no rice.  Easily made in abundance one evening and kept for a few days.
  • Any evening meal works well here, but may be less convenient to take to work.
  • Eggs and beans option works here as well.
  • Protein Wraps – particularly chicken or bean based with lots of salad and minimal dressing.  Can even be shop bought but beware.
  • Shop bought options – would include fish, chicken or bean based options. These will work well in a snip and be infinitely better than sandwiches. Again beware of what’s been added!

Ways to approach it

If at all possible a main meal at lunch is great or as mentioned above some of a previous evening meal.  For some alternating protein salads and these other options may be enough to relieve the boredom. Just ensure that high portion of protein, a little fat and loads of veg.