2 workouts under 30 minutes

As opposed to trying tough it out 4 hours a week in the gym, a simple solution to training is to work regularly on shorter sessions.  This way we get the fitness benefits and the endorphin hit without expending too much time/energy/soul!

In our opinion shorter, sweeter and simpler is also more likely to be regular.

Here are a couple of routines we have offered that need no equipment. Session 1 is more muscular, session 2 more cardio. They can be alternated, used alone or even combined into one workout.  Simples.


Session 1

Warm up first, then compete this routine, stretch at the end!


Session 2

Fartlek training.  This will boost your cardio more and can be done walking, running, cycling or even in a pool.  Keep it almost casual in approach  – the randomness will add to the variety!


  • Warm up easy 5 minutes
  • Pick ‘random’ landmarks’ where you work hard to get to (90% effort).
  • Coast to recover and when you feel good pick another random distance and repeat.
  • Aim to do this 6-8 times.
  • Cruise home and stretch!


Good luck!