Why we should eat more fats

For many years we were taught to be fat phobic.   Fat causes heart disease, fat makes us fat, eat a low fat diet for weight loss, right? Wrong.  The thinking has now changed on these, so here are some ideas on why and how .


Firstly, I have personally made a big shift towards eating more fat for a number of months now.  And this has all been done as an ‘eating machine’ on more than 7-8 hours of training a week.   Energy is at an all time high and training/recovery as good as ever.


Fat will help you lose weight

Excess carbohydrates, processed foods and inactivity cause weight gain.  A higher fat (and protein) diet works reduce body fat by reducing hunger and stabilising blood sugar.

The hunger and food cravings are probably the key here.  Think about trying to eat a 500 calorie breakfast – would you last longer on a sugary cereal and orange juice or a cooked breakfast?.

When we eat carbs we can often get a rise and crash of blood sugar which is also risky for storing fat.  Fats are the slowest releasing of the major nutrients, therefore leave a nice steady release of energy, actually encouraging the body to burn fat.


It’s all about the macros

Macro nutrients are the mix of carbs, fats and proteins.  During an average day we consume a mix of the three and importantly we all require slightly different mixtures.  This is another article in itself but what I will say here is most people will favour carbs and proteins over fats.  Typically the protein requirements are around 20% so it’s normally playing with the mix of the other two where difference can be made.


How to eat more fats in the diet

Personally this is how I have done it…

Eating a cooked breakfast – think bacon, eggs, butter, black pudding!, avocados, smoked salmon,

Eat meat/fish as an essential part of the diet (vegans can work out their own plan!)

Add olive oil to salads (with garlic and chilli if it helps)

Go bulletproof coffee (add coconut oil to coffee)

Snack on nuts, seeds, cheeses


Making changes

Make small changes and test them, essentially seeing how you feel meal by meal.  The Myfitnesspal app is really good for monitoring macros and calories.   Happy fats!