Secrets to slow release, fat burning nutrition

We all know that the speed our food releases is essential.  Food that release energy slowly are great for fat burning, weight loss,  improving energy levels and keeping hunger at bay.  These are the foods we should be eating most of the time, excluding during and after exercise.

Foods that tend to be particularly good are foods high in protein (chicken, fish, eggs and beans) and foods high in fibre (vegetables, fruits, beans again!, peas, oats).  The combinations and list of do’s and don’ts is endless, and will be covered at another time.  Here we will look at other options to slow the release of our foods.

Chewing thoroughly

It makes total sense but is hardly ever followed.  We are supposed to chew food 20-30 times before swallowing, generally our meals are hoovered.  The more we chew, the slower the energy is released and the less stress on the digestive system.

Including some fat

Fat is known as a bad word, but in fats are even slower release than proteins.  We are not talking about fast food fats or saturated fats here, but foods such as avocado, oily fish, nuts, seeds and their oils.  Sprinkle seeds on your porridge in the morning, add olive oil to salads etc to slow the release.

Keeping portion sizes down

A large portion is like a rush of energy for the body and releases quickly.  We should keep to small portions anyway especially for fat loss, but this is another less obvious way of slowing things down.

Beware the extras

A hearty meal of fresh fish and vegetables washed down with 2 glasses of wine or even fruit juice will counteract the effects.  High protein slow release meals followed by a high calorie dessert will do the same.  Drinking caffeinated drinks like tea and coffee will also have an effect on blood sugar levels.