Creating 5 good daily habits

Here are 5 good daily habits that will massively improve your health and performance every day.

  1.  Brekky.  A decent breakfast is the key to good energy, fat burning and appetite regulation.  It also predicts how we go on to eat for the rest of the day.
  2. Have a stretch.  We all suffer with at least a couple of tight muscle groups. Do some form of stretching or foam rolling 5-10 minutes in the morning followed by throughout the day.
  3. Relax more.  Take time out to stare at the sea or climb a tree.
  4. Visualise.  Think about where you want to be and do it often.  This could be completing a 5k, improving a 10k or reaching a weight loss goal.
  5. Try something new.  A healthy lunch, some mountain biking or even just a different gym routine.  Even if they don’t stick different options can make your usual choices seem better.  There’s always something to be gained.

Top tips for beginner runners

There are lots of benefits to the age old mode of jogging.  It’s free, effective and can be done pretty much anywhere, any time.  Many people want to get fit and simply like the idea of running, so here are some simple tips that work well for beginners and intermediates alike…

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  • Don’t make it difficult.  Running has a high oxygen demand which is why 60 seconds around the corner the world goes a bit fuzzy and the legs go to jelly.  Make it easy.  As soon as the breathing gets laboured stop and walk a while.  In the early day it may be a case of just running 5 lots of 60 seconds and improving on that.
  • Stay relaxed.  Reduce that oxygen demand by keeping upright and relaxing the arms.  A very effective way to gauging your running is listening to your feet. Low ground contact time and quiet feet is a sign of a good runner.
  • Get the gear.  There are some brilliant phone apps and some even better GPS watches.  These are well worth the investment and motivate your to run further each time.
  • Get some more gear.  Decent clothing, socks and trainers are a worthwhile investment once you get going.
  • Find a good route or routes.  A route with varied terrain is great or simply find a nice loop from your front door as this is less fuss and a good way of exploring.
  • Read ‘Born to run’ by Chris McDougall – it’s a game changer.
  • Enter an event.  Nothing motivates you more to build up those miles than an upcoming event.


About us..

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How to get your nutrition on track this week

Whether it’s for fat loss, performance or just to feel healthier making improvements in our diet has a massive impact.  Nutrition is usually a double sided coin.  Trying to include a good range of health giving foods and trying to remove as many processed, high sugar foods as possible.

In the world of computer programming there is something known as a ‘hack’.  This is essentially a shortcut that gets the desired result.  We can use the same with diet…..

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So here it is.

Eat the same breakfast and lunches on repeat 

It’s as simple as that and this is probably something we do anyway.  The trick is to choose one(maybe two) super healthy breakfasts and lunches and just repeat them.  These two meals are undoubtedly the hardest to get right and essentially leave us feeling less hungry all day.  With just dinner remaining we are more likely to make good choices.

Do this for a week, then be free to change it up later…


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Need inspiration?


2 boiled eggs, a small bowl of porridge with seeds and honey, fresh carrot apple ginger and orange juice


Smoked salmon, asparagus, spinach berry and banana smoothie



Fresh salad, cucumber, spinach, peppers, mozzarella cheese, chicken tikka and olive oil


Homemade beef/bean chilli


Mystical reasons for not losing weight and how to fix them

Trying to drop weight is a mission for many in a bid to improve shape, health or self confidence. It’s important to get the basics right with proper training and nutrition.  Beyond this some people don’t lose weight as they’d expect which is totally normal …here are a few of the less obvious reasons.

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 Not eating enough calories.

Many popular diets and extreme measures mean cutting calories but this can sometimes be detrimental especially if you’re exercising.  Eating too few calories for too long will cause a reduction in metabolism.

Fix  – Eat a little bit more. Varying the calorie intake will kickstart the metabolism (methods such as the 5:2 are good).


Not including liquid calories

Liquid calories in the form soft drinks, hot drinks and (ahem) alcohol will wreck your weight loss campaign.  Liquid form is often the quickest way to absorb anything and this is also true of calories which is why sports drinks are liquid form.

Fix – Don’t do it!  Or certainly limit it, the only liquid we should consume is the clear stuff and we don’t mean vodka.


Eating diet products

If something sounds too good be true… well it is.  Diet products, particularly diet drinks contain chemicals that are lethal for health and often have the same effect on blood sugar levels.  You are always for better off having the real thing, in which case you probably wouldn’t.

Fix – Eat the real thing, or probably just some real food.


Lifestyle factors

Two of the biggest are stress and sleep.  Stress can be in the form of simply being very busy or it may be more specific.  Stress or lack of sleep trigger hormones that will slow down weight loss efforts or even halt them all together.

Fix – Do some stress busting exercise, go for a walk or simply schedule some time out.  Improve sleep patterns by doing the same, eating a healthy diet, avoiding too many stimulants or simply going to bed earlier.

A spot of early morning exercise..

This time of year the sun rises closer to 5am and the mornings are beautiful in Bournemouth.  Naturally the body wakes up earlier (or should).  A spot of early morning hiking, cycling or jogging can be amazing for the body and soul from as little as 10 minutes all the way up to a full on workout lasting an hour or more.  Here are some quick tips that can help…bournemouth personal training

  • Prepare your body the night before by going to bed earlier and setting the alarm.
  • Prepare your kit as well.  It makes life easier and is less noisy for your loved ones.
  • Choose a good route in advance, the more scenic the better.
  • Start off with small amounts of time, enjoy the experience and you’ll be more likely to do it again.
  • Perhaps build it into your commute, school run or daily chores.
  • Enjoy.  It’s what we are born to do.

10 less obvious reasons to exercise

Besides the usual physical gains there are lots of positives to exercising on a regular basis that many of us never consider. This list should inspire even the laziest of couch potatoes.

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  1. Exercise helps you sleep better.   When we train we sleep deeper and with better patterns which is amazing as sleep is still shown to be top of the list for health.
  2. It’s a little me time.  Many of us tear around all week and rarely have time out.  Even a 20 minute walk to work is perfect.
  3. Exercise improves your sex life.  There are few reasons why, both physical and hormonal, but it’s all good.
  4. It improves your pain threshold, perfect for…erm if you’re ever in pain I guess.
  5. Exercise helps brain power.  this is due to increased efficency of circulation paricularly to the brain.
  6. You crave healthier food.
  7. Exercise aids digestion. With increased bloodflow and better nervous system response, particulary following training the gut can be a healthier place too.
  8. It’s anti-ageing on a mental and physical level.
  9. Exercise is great for mind and soul.  It’s like a form of meditation and is also shown to reduce anxiety, a very common issue with modern living.
  10. It fights disease. Diabetes, stroke, heart disease, cancers, you name it, regular exercise fights all of them.

Want to get going now?

The best way to a better gym workout

Many of us find it easy and convenient to go the gym simply to hop onto some cardio machinery and ‘zone out’ for 30 minutes to an hour.  This is possibly the worst use of time.  Let’s have a look at the simple but effective way to boost those workouts, interval training.

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Interval training essentially pushes the body above it’s usual steady state intensity for short periods.  This can be anything from 100% all out effort for 10 seconds to 85% effort for 10 minutes.  Whatever method you use it’s important to understand the intention.

Intervals burn more fat

Most people on cardio machines want to burn fat.  Intervals effectively stimulate fat burning  and essentially produce a longer ‘afterburn’ effect.  It’s that simple.

Intervals boost fitness more

In order to produce any change in fitness we need to overload the body in some way.  Pushing the heart rate higher increases cardio function and efficiency.  In most cases due to the increased intensity, less overall time needs to be spent doing it.  Good news all round.

How to incorporate intervals

This depends on your weekly training, but for the majority of us a good rule is to do intervals no more than twice a week.  Intervals are not for the unfit or faint hearted.  If you are unsure, get advice from a medical professional before attempting high intensity work.   Also make sure you are well warmed up, at least 10 minutes should do it.   Here are a couple of simple ways of doing intervals within your workouts…


Equal work/recovery  —    Work at 90% for 60 seconds then at 50% for 60 seconds.

Pyramids   —   Work for the following with equal recovery.  1-2-3-4-3-2-1    Do a 1 minute effort then 1 minute recovery, 2 minutes/2 minutes recovery etc.

Go by distance  —   the rower is good for this but any cardio machine works.  Work hard for say 500m and take a note of your time.  Go off, do some weights etc then come back later and have another go trying to beat your last time.


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Weight loss : The best advice in a nutshell

Whether you have been trying to lose weight for a while or just thinking of getting started it can be tricky to get the best information.  Here at BourneFit we are experts in weight loss and understand there are more than just a few elements. We are all different.  That said, here’s a cracking start giving you the best bits..

So here’s the main information.  Much of the info comes from where the research is at and is also based on professional experiences and having seen what works.  


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The best way to lose weight

Get mentally focused.  It sounds cliche, but if you are totally committed to something it will happen.  You have to want it every hour of the day, think about it constantly and be determined for it to happen.  


Along these lines, sometimes we need to change the way we approach things mentally.  This does not have to be a pass or fail scenario.  We are human, there may be the odd shocker we just have to think long term and stay committed. .  


Food guide


All diets work.  In some shape or form they restrict what you eat and cause fat loss, mainly through cutting calories.  The trouble is they are hard to stick to and often result in rebounding weight.  But….bear in mind they all work.  


Dietary changes are the best changes we can make and the ones which will affect weight loss the most.  We need to make some brutal changes!..


Here are 3 major changes.  Here are the best 3 thing we can do to encourage weight loss.  


1.  Cut out the crap.  We know beer and chocolate are going to hold back weight loss if not with calories by the toxic nature and the effect the have on the body.  If in doubt go back a couple of paragraphs to ‘get mentally focused’ and get more committed.  Avoid as much sugar as possible and most packaged products preparing all meals from fresh ingredients.  These foods will keep you satisfied and encourage long term weight loss.  


2.   Eat less carbs.  Use a food tracker like myfitnesspal to limit or restrict consumption of all sugars, bread, grain based foods and high carb foods.  They release insulin which encourages fat storage.  Target less than 100 g of carbs per day.  


3.  Try a fast 2 days per week.  Simply skip breakfast and lunch if you can, snack in the afternoon if it helps then eat a ‘normal’ evening meal.  Obviously we are cutting a lot of calories here, but also changing the body uses fuels and encouraging other health benefits.  Fasting is great to really help us appreciate appetite and food in general.  Fasting allows us to eat more on the other days of the week, preventing a dropped metabolism.  


​Exercise guide​

All exercise promotes weight loss.  Cardio burns calories, weight training boosts metabolism, intervals burn more calories.  

If you are not training properly 3-4 times a week then do this straight away.  

If you are then try some fat burning workouts by exercising while slightly hungry, slower for longer.  If you normally run 5k on a Saturday morning, run for 8k on an empty stomach but steady.  Once or twice a week is good for this – it won’t boost performance but it will encourage fat loss.  


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The 4 best ways to improve your training

Starting a training plan and sticking to it can be a fickle thing as it’s often a fine blend of planning, work, eat, rest and repeat.  Here are are the 4 best ways to improve your training whatever your goals are..

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Stop being so hard on yourself

So, you have constructed the perfect training program, destined to take you to the ultimate level.  If it’s not working then there’s probably a reason why.  It’s too strict.  It’s perfectly ok to aim high but often taking a step back and pitching it right is the way to go.  This way you will enjoy it more and succeed.


What are you doing?!

This is close to the opposite.  Low structure is equally destructive so set out your goals early on and train around them.  Really drill down to what you are looking for from your training, how much time you want to dedicate and work out what you will truly enjoy doing.


Eat and sleep right

Sleep is the most important thing on the agenda followed by good diet.  The best training plan in the world needs good sleep and food to back it up.  Both of these done well will improve recovery time allowing you to train sooner and harder.


Listen to the body

Knowing when to deviate from the schedule, knowing when to push hard or even back off altogether is a skill.  We often have lots of other stresses and strains physically and mentally so it pays to listen to the body.  The first 20 minutes of the day can be a pretty good indicator to our bodily state.  If you’re struggling to finish a workout back off a little and likewise if you feel invincible then go for it!


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