Mystical reasons for not losing weight and how to fix them

Trying to drop weight is a mission for many in a bid to improve shape, health or self confidence. It’s important to get the basics right with proper training and nutrition.  Beyond this some people don’t lose weight as they’d expect which is totally normal …here are a few of the less obvious reasons.

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 Not eating enough calories.

Many popular diets and extreme measures mean cutting calories but this can sometimes be detrimental especially if you’re exercising.  Eating too few calories for too long will cause a reduction in metabolism.

Fix  – Eat a little bit more. Varying the calorie intake will kickstart the metabolism (methods such as the 5:2 are good).


Not including liquid calories

Liquid calories in the form soft drinks, hot drinks and (ahem) alcohol will wreck your weight loss campaign.  Liquid form is often the quickest way to absorb anything and this is also true of calories which is why sports drinks are liquid form.

Fix – Don’t do it!  Or certainly limit it, the only liquid we should consume is the clear stuff and we don’t mean vodka.


Eating diet products

If something sounds too good be true… well it is.  Diet products, particularly diet drinks contain chemicals that are lethal for health and often have the same effect on blood sugar levels.  You are always for better off having the real thing, in which case you probably wouldn’t.

Fix – Eat the real thing, or probably just some real food.


Lifestyle factors

Two of the biggest are stress and sleep.  Stress can be in the form of simply being very busy or it may be more specific.  Stress or lack of sleep trigger hormones that will slow down weight loss efforts or even halt them all together.

Fix – Do some stress busting exercise, go for a walk or simply schedule some time out.  Improve sleep patterns by doing the same, eating a healthy diet, avoiding too many stimulants or simply going to bed earlier.