Make it happen this year

What are your goals this year? Thinking of getting in shape, losing some weight, running a 10k or simply becoming healthier?!  Achievement is a wonderful thing, here is some simple advice to make it happen this year.

Goal setting

I believe this originated in the business environment many years ago.  It transfers over to health and fitness (or indeed most things in life) very well and is still effective.  Setting clear, well defined goals sharpens the mind and body into achieving.

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Step 1 – Set the goal!  This needs to be measurable such as run 10k in under 55 minutes, or lose 5kg in weight.  Simply saying ‘feel better’ or ‘get healthy’ is too vague.

Step 2 – Plan the journey. Set smaller goals and plans to get you where you want to be.  Want to run the 10k under 55 minutes.  Initially the steps may be simply running regular twice a week – build up to 10k – work on the speed – enter an event.  Setting priorities and smaller goals each week will lead to success.

Ensure statements are in the positive.  “Stop eating junk” or “Don’t slob out” are shocking examples.  Use phrases such as “plan meals in advance” or “aim for 3 workouts during the week”.

Step 3 – get there. Now all you need to to is make it but be willing to work along the way.  Your goals may be too easy or too hard in which case they may need adjusting. The best goals are just within reach.

Write down mini tasks each week, change your screen saver to remind you where you want to be and remind yourself of your goals as a personal project.

Enjoy the experience and observe your progress as you go.  You may even want to offer yourself mini rewards along the way,  but most of all feel the satisfaction!