How to get your nutrition on track this week

Whether it’s for fat loss, performance or just to feel healthier making improvements in our diet has a massive impact.  Nutrition is usually a double sided coin.  Trying to include a good range of health giving foods and trying to remove as many processed, high sugar foods as possible.

In the world of computer programming there is something known as a ‘hack’.  This is essentially a shortcut that gets the desired result.  We can use the same with diet…..

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So here it is.

Eat the same breakfast and lunches on repeat 

It’s as simple as that and this is probably something we do anyway.  The trick is to choose one(maybe two) super healthy breakfasts and lunches and just repeat them.  These two meals are undoubtedly the hardest to get right and essentially leave us feeling less hungry all day.  With just dinner remaining we are more likely to make good choices.

Do this for a week, then be free to change it up later…


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Need inspiration?


2 boiled eggs, a small bowl of porridge with seeds and honey, fresh carrot apple ginger and orange juice


Smoked salmon, asparagus, spinach berry and banana smoothie



Fresh salad, cucumber, spinach, peppers, mozzarella cheese, chicken tikka and olive oil


Homemade beef/bean chilli