Get fit for skiing

Folks, it’s that time of year for planning winter sports trips away, something that has always been popular.  The best saying we tend to repeat to people is “get fit to play sport, don’t play sport to get fit”.  And with skiing and snowboarding it differs slightly to other sports as for most people it’s a one off well invested annual ski trip.  Unless you are in great shape you will no doubt get tired, sore or at worst injured, resulting in missed action or disappointment.

So let’s break it down, this can be done for any sport or activity…ski-1434043

Elements involved:  Cardio fitness, leg strength, core strength, general conditioning & balance work


The training plan.

Monday – 45 mins Cardio (running, hiking & cycling are great)

Tuesday – Strength program (legs/core and circuits)

Wednesday – off

Thursday – 45 mins Cardio

Friday –  Strength program (legs/core and circuits)

Saturday/Sunday – Down the dry ski slope for some lessons it is then!  Alternatively if you have a weak link, this can be given extra focus on the weekend session.


This is a pretty solid guide.  Most importantly this needs to be done for 6-8 weeks minimum before departure (hence this article released in November).


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