Fitness Basics: How we get fit

The reason we do exercise is to stay fit and healthy, along with our specific fitness goals.  What we do, for how long and how the body recovers will determine how the body responds.

How we get fitter

When we exercise, whatever type or form the aim is to ‘overload’ the body.  This is essentially pushing the body a little bit, into new territory, making it do something it is unaccustomed to.  Over the next day or so the body will respond to this by going through a period of compensation – ie we become fitter!  Simple.

And the next bit..

The trick, at this point is not to rest on our laurels, but to repeat the process, overloading the body again and up to the next level (and so on).

The next thing to look at (see other articles) would be the type of exercise and the intensity.  Our bodies will only get fit specific to the mode of exercise and the intensity or level of exercise is the key.

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