Everything in moderation

Very wise words indeed, but this phrase seems to creep in more and more in the field of fitness and nutrition.  Let’s look at a few simple examples from both ends of the spectrum.

In training for example, lifting heavy weights to failure or working hard on a sprint training session is a fantastic way to progress.  Following one of these sessions the body needs recovery.  Going out the next day and smashing it all over again, or doing a similar intensity breakthrough workout does not work.

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The same can be said of any key nutrient (of which there are hundreds).  Most vitamins and minerals have a healthy effect on the body in some way.  But take an excess and often the overdose symptoms can be horrible and if there are no overdose symptom we need to consider that all nutrients work in harmony with each other.  Excess of one will often cause an imbalance in another.

At the other end let’s look at what we’ll all be eating this summer – ice cream.  Now, I’m not saying go out and and pound the ice cream day after day, but the odd bowl or cone won’t hurt.  In fact, if it’s good quality ice cream, there’s decent cream in there which is slow release treat and a little now and again is ok.

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Finally, stress.  We need a little of this stuff to get us out of bed in the mornings and perform optimally.  Too much will play havoc with hormone levels, stop you recovering from training, stop you losing weight and make you feel rubbish.

So remember…

Really tough workouts are great – but are only suitable a couple of times a week.

Vitamin and mineral intake or even supplementation is good for health – but in balance.

Don’t make trips to the New Forest Ice Cream factory each week for 5 litre tubs!

Avoid too much stress, put your trainers on and go for a hike in the forest.