Dieting, weight loss and how it all works.

Most of us have tried to lose weight (or more specifically drop body fat) at some point.  In this case we may have tried one of the many diets on the market or simply tried to ‘eat healthily’ to attain good shape.  Let’s have a look at how diets work and shed some light on the subject..

The diet industry is a multi billion pound business, due mainly to the number of people looking for a solution.  In fact, the initial success rate of dieting is actually pretty good.  In most cases we follow a particular diet and lose weight by following its rules and principles.   This success rate drops dramatically when we fast forward months or years later, with most people having regained the weight lost and often added more.  That’s probably the best indicator to how successful they are.

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But let’s go back to how diets work in an attempt to improve weight loss results.  Diets have a number of simple things in common which we maybe have never considered.

  1. Diets essentially get you eating less. 

Ever heard of a 5000 calorie per day diet?  Didn’t think so.  Generally speaking every weight loss plan will get you eating less calories than you burn, that’s obvious.

  2. Diets get you focusing on foods.

All diets work well in the way they get you looking at what you are consuming.  The simple exercise of keeping a food diary or eating healthily is good as far as you are focused on what you are eating.

  3.  Diets get you eating healthier

In most cases, diets try to exclude high processed, high calorie foods which we know are bad for us and encourage natural foods.  Again all diets work in different ways but the end game is much the same.  Until the ‘burger, chips and cola diet’ is released this is likely to stay the same.


The bottom line.

In the above ways diets are good and like I mentioned above they are successful in promoting weight loss.  What we need is a long term healthy approached based on some of the above.  The best way forwards is good lifestyle, quality exercise and a balanced healthy diet.


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7 top tips for health you may have forgotten

It’s often the same in so many aspects of life.  The simple things done well make the biggest difference.  Here are 7 top tips you may have forgotten about which will all improve your health and fitness.


1. Chew your food properly

How easy it is to wolf a plate of food in 10 seconds.  Chewing food properly not only helps your digestive system but also allows the stomach to let the brain know you’ve had enough.  Plus you have a better relationship with food by enjoying it more.


2. Don’t skimp on footwear

From a pair of running trainers to weekend pumps, don’t buy cheap shoes (wife if you are reading this please ignore).  Our foot health is very important for mechanics further up the body and decent footwear really is worth every penny.


3. Eat the proper version

In as many aspects as possible, eat the proper full fat, unadulterated version.  It may be higher in calories or you may think it’s bad for your health but it’s probably better.  Diet drinks are a classic example.  Eat full fat yoghurts, butter, everything in it’s least processed version.


4. Drink enough

It’s amazing, still how many people don’t drink enough.  Salt intake, hot weather, caffeine and exercise will all affect water levels, so drink up until your wee is pale or clear.

water bottles2

5. Goals and rewards

Set goals for yourself, be it weight loss, fitness or health goals.  You are more likely to achieve them this way.  A handy way of succeeding is also to build in rewards.


6. Have fun

Frisbee in the park or a grueling gym session.  I know which one I’d rather choose!


7. Go long and easy

Long steady exercise sessions have profound effects on fitness.  Think long walks down the beach with an ice cream half way or weekend bike rides in the forest.  This way of getting fit is often overlooked, but is probably the way we are designed to work..


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Life changing thoughts!

Mindset is essentially something all of us use on a daily basis.  It’s how we think but most importantly how we program ourselves to think.  It is one of the most important things we can work on, be it in sport, nutrition, business or just everyday life.

Growth and Fixed mindset – what’s the difference?

There are a number of books and articles written on this but here it is in a nutshell.  It’s about attitude and outlook.

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Here is an example.

You are learning to play guitar and having a tough time learning a particular chord/piece, to the point you want to throw that instrument out of the nearest window!

Fixed mindset  – “I’m rubbish at this, I can’t do it. Maybe I’m not cut out to learn an instrument. I’m so bad at this I’m giving up.” A fixed mindset type believes purely in success and failure with very little in between.  If they can do something then they have passed and otherwise everything else is a failure.

Growth mindset  –  “Man this is tough.  But I have come so far in the last few weeks, I will pick this up later and have another go.  I could look at lessons, or try another song and come back to it.  ”  Growth mindset is about not being afraid of failure and seeing every experience as a challenge.

It goes without saying that growth mindset types go further in their efforts, improve more and actually succeed more. This mindset approach works particularly well in sports, fitness and weight loss.

Having a tough time in literally anything?  Which mindset are you?..



10 ways to burn body fat for the summer

Winter is now long gone, and it’s time to shed a little bit of the excess timber.  So how do we burn more body fat?  Here are some quick fire ways to attack the fat..


1. Eating a low calorie diet (old school)

This works for obvious reasons and is fine if you are motivated and willing.  It can be tough with levels of hunger and can have poor effects on metabolism making it hard to maintain.

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2. Eating a low carb diet (more modern)

Keeping your grams of carbs low will encourage fat burning.  There are lots of methods to work with here, but essentially if you eat less sugars/carbs the body will burn more fat for fuel.


3. Eating an 11-7 diet (light fast)

This can be done most days and essentially compresses the eating window.  Eating for 8 hours and fasting for 16 will encourage fat burning and is surprisingly effective.


4.  Full on fasting (5:2 or similar)

The more extreme version is simply fasting 2 days a week, avoiding food all day and eating a moderate calorie meal in the evening.  Not for the faint hearted – this method obviously drops calories but the fat burning and health benefits are profound.


5.  Pushing weights

Doing resistance training will stick metabolism through the roof.  As little as 20-30 minutes twice a week is enough to reap the benefit.


6.  Doing LSD

Not the illegal high of course.  ‘Long slow distance’ relates to hiking, biking, jogging etc but for longer distance, ideally more than an hour.  This turns the body into a fat burning machine as it looks for a long term fuel source.

Hill run


7. Interval training

The fitness benefits of interval training are great but so is the calorie burning.  Metabolism will be raised for anything up to 24 hours after training.


8.  Eating protein

Eating protein will boost metabolism, so eat it at most meals if you can.


9.  Taking fat burning supplements

They might work, they probably don’t!  The ingredients are often harmful to health and long term weight loss simply isn’t sustainable on this stuff.


10.  Changing psychology

Time to get deeper.  Often our thinking affects our nutrition as much as anything.  Night time treats, comfort foods and reward foods can be detrimental so it may be good to look at shifting here.



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5 low carb breakfasts to kickstart your day

Breakfast, for some is the most important meal of the day.  We have been conditioned over the years to reach for breakfast cereals, rounds of toast and orange juice all of which is high in carbohydrates, but doesn’t offer much in the way of sustained energy.

The trick is to opt for higher fat and protein content for this sustained energy factor. Try these brekky options for a week and we can guarantee you will function better all day!

1. Homemade granola

Ingredients: Some seeds (sunflower, sesame etc) Almonds, Brazil nuts, Sliced coconut, Coconut oil

Simply combine all the ingredients on some grease proof paper and roast at 150 degrees until golden

Add to some full fat greek yoghurt.


2. Bacon and eggs

It’s making a comeback these days as a high protein low carb option.  Try and get unsmoked bacon and poach or scramble the eggs.

1408313_68738515 (1)

3.  Banana pancakes.

My personal favourite.  3 eggs a dollop of nut butter and a mashed up banana.  Mix it all up and cook it like a pancake on low heat in butter or coconut oil – amazing!  Another option for breakfast pancakes is using almond flour if you can get it.


4.  Omelettes

Another great eggy option and one that includes veg as well.  Include a little cheese, some butter, peppers, tomatoes, onions or spinach.


5.  Breakfast on the hoof.

On the run?  Grab a chunk of cheese, some almonds and an apple. Satisfying and low carb.  Another option on the run are homemade granola type bars made from nuts and seeds.


Why Girls Should Be Lifting Weights (Sarah’s Story)

It’s nice to be strong…….

Lets clear one thing up for woman that want to get into lifting…….weight training isn’t going to turn  into a muscle clad monster with veins like electrical wire and arms thicker than your legs! This happens to men because of testosterone. As woman have less of this hormone they get all the benefits of weight training without lots of excess muscle. By benefits we mean, improved muscle tone, boosted metabolism, increased fat loss, better posture, higher lean mass, increased bone density, better immune response, and best of all….STRENGTH!

Enter Sarah…….

Last year Sarah returned from Australia with her husband and young baby and caught the bug for lifting weights. Before moving to Oz, Sarah had been coming into the gym with us for our group sessions. She laid down a good foundation in resistance and cardio training in these sessions , though it wasn’t until after having her baby in Oz Sarah really started enjoying lifting heavy weights! Back in England she was doing bootcamps, but hadn’t got back into the weight training like she wanted. So I gave Sarah a proposition…….


How’s this sound?…..

I thought it would be great to see what you could be achieved in a short time and no junk training! So could we improve the four biggest compound Strength movements with just one and a half hours of training a week?

Lets see what you’ve got……

We made a record of how much Sarah could lift for one rep in Squats, Deadlifts, Clean and Press, and Bench press. We also took her weight and body fat percentages. Over the next month and a half we had two 45 minute sessions a week. We had a Squat and Clean and Press specific session, and a Dealift and Bench press specific session. These sessions were about quality over quantity! We didn’t waste time with empty reps and constant repetition of the same movements. We chose appropriate exercises with weights to build motor patterns, reinforce movements and help areas of her posture that needed correcting….over the 6 weeks WE DIDN’T TEST STRENGTH, WE BUILT IT!

This is where she started…..

pressAt the start, Sarah’s stats were:

Weight: 57.5kg

Bodyfat: 25%

Squat:  55kg

Deadlifts: 80kg

Clean and Press: 30kg

Bench Press: 40kg


In 6 weeks……

DeadBy the end Sarah’s stats looked like this,

Weight: 58.4kg

Bodyfat: 24% = 1% drop….which means a 0.6kg reduction in bodyfat, and a 0.3kg increase in lean mass!

Squat: 70kg = 15kg increase

Deadlift: 90kg = 10kg increase

Clean and Press: 45kg = 15kg increase

Bench: 50kg = 10kg increase


squatThe outcome…..

Sarah didn’t change her diet, or dramatically change her training, she just added 1.5 hours of very specific, quality strength training. Her body shape has changed for the better, with a massive increase in muscle tone, shape, improved posture and a drop in body fat. The biggest thing to take away from this is Sarah’s increase in strength! She’s feeling more confident because she’s stronger!


Where do you start?

Getting started is the hard bit…Don’t know where to start? What you need to be doing? Don’t want to fight your way through all the muscly blokes in the weights section of the gym, or an injury or posture problem holding you back? We can help!

We can take you through the best way to train, show you whats safe and what are the effective ways to exercise with weights. All to getting you on the path to making you a leaner, stronger and better version of yourself

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Christmas Opening and survival

A Merry Christmas to one and all.  Find below our opening times and a couple of top tips on Christmas survival.


Opening times

23rd December (as usual)

24th December – 28th December (closed)

29th-31st December (daytimes only)

1st Jan 2015! (closed)

2nd Jan (daytime only)



Quick and simple Christmas survival tips

  • The Christmas holidays are long.  Don’t make excuses, plan to survive them in one piece.
  • We tend to have plenty of time for long walks and bike rides.  A great opportunity to bring out your warm weather gear, burn off any excess and get fit!
  • Pick and choose.  Choose your favourite indulgences whether it’s savoury, sweet, alcohol, whatever and stick to just a couple.  Enjoy them fully and guilt free, then don’t be tempted to plough through the rest.
  • Eaten too much?  Give the body a break the next day by skipping breakfast and fasting through til lunch
  • Do some training.  Exercise first thing on an empty stomach has profound effect.


Wishing you a Merry Christmas from the BourneFit PT team! See you on the other side…