How specific is your training?

There are many elements to fitness. At one end of the scale is the endurance and capability of an ultra endurance runner, the other end being a one off lift performed by a powerlifter. Most of us fit into neither category, but the important part is using our training time wisely.

It’s a common mistake to stray off course, one way or the other. Some programs, for example set gym programs, get us hitting very specific movements in a specific way. Although this may be enjoyable for some with good progress, we do need to assess whether it is too limiting.

The fix: Add other elements to these workouts. Don’t go out and lift the same every time or run the same route at the same pace. Develop all areas, work shorter durations to develop more power/ speed or for longer to develop more endurance. In lots of cases working on elements like balance, skill and flexibility can yield better gains.

Conversely, some training programs can be too vague, in fact they may not even be programs at all. They may just be general attempts at fitness! This is all good, and whatever keeps us motivated is a good thing.

The fix: Be more specific of course. If it’s for general fitness this is fine, so consider experimenting with different elements such as strength or balance. Try new things, even new sports or events, which can often give some more specific focus to training sessions.

Most importantly our mindset and motivation will drive all of our sessions and results. A focused training program will change this massively. Enjoy!

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Top 5 tips for training through winter

Winter is coming.  No, really, it’s already be here!  Most of us struggle with motivation to train and stay in shape as it is, so once the clocks have gone back we often need a push.  Here are our top 5 tips for training through the winter.


  1.  Book an event

Hands down having a looming deadline is a great motivator.  There are a couple of options here.  Entering a spring time event is a sure fire way to get focused and will give you 3-4 months of solid preparation.  Alternatively book one or more events through the winter and commit your training to them for a constant motivation.  It’s never been a better time for events with access online, so get out there pick one and go enjoy the challenge.

2.  Work on your weaknesses

Many people use the winter to develop strength.  It makes sense, there’s less daylight, the gym is more inviting and the strength gains that show months from now will be worth it.  A solid 8-12 weeks of real strength will carry through a long way.

3.  Work now get paid in spring

The work we do this end of the winter will carry through and believe me, come spring your body with thank you for it.  There’s the motivation.  You’re not pounding the miles or the kilos for Christmas, but for when we come out the other side.

4.  Go shopping

Having the right gear for training outside is a game changer.  The technical layers available now will keep you warm and dry in even the worst conditions, so treat yourself, pick up the right gear and get out there.  Clothing made from things like merino wool and gore tex can make you virtually invincible but can also motivate you as your lovely new kit needs to be regularly tested.

5.  Have an indoor option

OK, so sometimes it will be properly grim.  Minus 3 on the thermostat and pouring rain isn’t for most of us, so have a back up plan.  We use Zwift indoor cycling which is a totally immersive indoor  bike experience, it’s amazing.  Trusty gym sessions are always guaranteed, indoor tennis courts can be booked, swimming pools can be used etc…  No excuses.


Hopefully there is some motivation here, if you need more some and see us at


A spot of early morning exercise..

This time of year the sun rises closer to 5am and the mornings are beautiful in Bournemouth.  Naturally the body wakes up earlier (or should).  A spot of early morning hiking, cycling or jogging can be amazing for the body and soul from as little as 10 minutes all the way up to a full on workout lasting an hour or more.  Here are some quick tips that can help…bournemouth personal training

  • Prepare your body the night before by going to bed earlier and setting the alarm.
  • Prepare your kit as well.  It makes life easier and is less noisy for your loved ones.
  • Choose a good route in advance, the more scenic the better.
  • Start off with small amounts of time, enjoy the experience and you’ll be more likely to do it again.
  • Perhaps build it into your commute, school run or daily chores.
  • Enjoy.  It’s what we are born to do.

Motivation versus goals

This time of year many people are trying to get back to their fitness or even start a new campaign altogether.  By far the biggest factor to success (in literally anything!) is motivation.  Without motivation it’s a tough process and with motivation almost anything can be achieved.

The problem for most of us….motivation goes up and down.

personal trainer in bournemouth

It happens.  This may be a clean lean diet, starting a new sport, losing weight, whatever.  This is where goal setting comes in.  Goals keep the motivation high, keep us on track and give us somewhere to head for.  It makes sense to set goals, especially for getting fit and losing weight, so here are a couple of tips on setting goals..

  • Short to medium term goals work best.  Think 6-12 weeks.
  • Make your goal specific.  “Getting fitter” is too vague, instead go for “do some exercise 3 times a week for a whole month” or “jog 2k non stop”.
  • Reward yourself.  When you get there (and you will) build in a mini reward.  “If I lose 4 kg I will buy those trainers I want”.
  • Set the difficulty right not too easy and not impossible either.

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The perfect start to your fitness campaign

Thinking about getting fit can be a real effort.  Like most things in life the thought of doing something is often worse than actually doing it.  In fact there is a popular quote / formula along the lines of “the size of the task grows in relation to the amount of time we spend thinking about it!”.  How true, how true.

When it comes to your health and fitness we are of course here to help.


We currently offer Personal Training sessions as a one off, but more popularly in 5 week blocks.  This is the perfect platform on which to build, arming you with all the fitness, nutrition and training knowledge to carry on forward.

Of course at this point you can simply carry on seeing us (of course you will, chances are you’ll be flying by then!), it’s entirely up to you.  Clients old and new at Bournefit would agree it certainly is time well spent…

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Health, fitness and the 80:20 principle

What is 80:20?

The 80:20 principle has been around a while now, but it’still amazing how many times it’s relevant.   It refers to percentages and can be applied to pretty much anything.    Globally around 80% of the worlds wealth is owned by 20% of the worlds people. 80% of our happiness comes from 20% of what we do.  Importantly in most things in life..

80% of our results come from 20% of the work we put in. 

bournemouth personal trainer

80:20 in fitness

In fitness it would be outlined as 80% of what we achieve (results) is produced by 20% of our training.  So basically comes down to efficiency and the need to train specifically. As an example, if you want to train for fitness the old method of plodding away on a treadmill for 60 minutes will improve your fitness. But 15-20 minutes of high quality intervals will do as good a job, if not better.

So what we need to be doing is looking for the exercises and methods that give us the greatest gains. Try some of the following:


  • Buy a heart rate monitor and use heart rate training to train by heart zone rather than feel.
  • Weight training – find what are you looking for, drill it down. Do you need strength, condition, tone? I guarantee you can do more in less time by lifting with more form, range or even less rest.
  • Break 60 minute sessions down to at most 45 minutes. It’s amazing what you’ll get done.

80:20 in nutrition

This same principle can be applied in relation to dietary habits.

  • Fat loss for many is 80% dietary, 20% fitness training and genetics. It’s very tough to drop body fat on a good training routine but a bad eating plan.  What we eat is key to losing weight.
  • Eating 80% clean and 20% what you will is a great long term strategy.


Keep looking..

Both nutrition and training tend to need regular attention to keep the progress and using the 80:20 rule is a good way of doing this.  Look at your plan and work out where that 20% is coming from in order to spend the time wisely and see the greatest gains.


Looking to apply that 80:20 principle?  Come and see us for a FREE consultation by visiting the website.


Life changing thoughts!

Mindset is essentially something all of us use on a daily basis.  It’s how we think but most importantly how we program ourselves to think.  It is one of the most important things we can work on, be it in sport, nutrition, business or just everyday life.

Growth and Fixed mindset – what’s the difference?

There are a number of books and articles written on this but here it is in a nutshell.  It’s about attitude and outlook.

personal training bournemouth

Here is an example.

You are learning to play guitar and having a tough time learning a particular chord/piece, to the point you want to throw that instrument out of the nearest window!

Fixed mindset  – “I’m rubbish at this, I can’t do it. Maybe I’m not cut out to learn an instrument. I’m so bad at this I’m giving up.” A fixed mindset type believes purely in success and failure with very little in between.  If they can do something then they have passed and otherwise everything else is a failure.

Growth mindset  –  “Man this is tough.  But I have come so far in the last few weeks, I will pick this up later and have another go.  I could look at lessons, or try another song and come back to it.  ”  Growth mindset is about not being afraid of failure and seeing every experience as a challenge.

It goes without saying that growth mindset types go further in their efforts, improve more and actually succeed more. This mindset approach works particularly well in sports, fitness and weight loss.

Having a tough time in literally anything?  Which mindset are you?..



Why Girls Should Be Lifting Weights (Sarah’s Story)

It’s nice to be strong…….

Lets clear one thing up for woman that want to get into lifting…….weight training isn’t going to turn  into a muscle clad monster with veins like electrical wire and arms thicker than your legs! This happens to men because of testosterone. As woman have less of this hormone they get all the benefits of weight training without lots of excess muscle. By benefits we mean, improved muscle tone, boosted metabolism, increased fat loss, better posture, higher lean mass, increased bone density, better immune response, and best of all….STRENGTH!

Enter Sarah…….

Last year Sarah returned from Australia with her husband and young baby and caught the bug for lifting weights. Before moving to Oz, Sarah had been coming into the gym with us for our group sessions. She laid down a good foundation in resistance and cardio training in these sessions , though it wasn’t until after having her baby in Oz Sarah really started enjoying lifting heavy weights! Back in England she was doing bootcamps, but hadn’t got back into the weight training like she wanted. So I gave Sarah a proposition…….


How’s this sound?…..

I thought it would be great to see what you could be achieved in a short time and no junk training! So could we improve the four biggest compound Strength movements with just one and a half hours of training a week?

Lets see what you’ve got……

We made a record of how much Sarah could lift for one rep in Squats, Deadlifts, Clean and Press, and Bench press. We also took her weight and body fat percentages. Over the next month and a half we had two 45 minute sessions a week. We had a Squat and Clean and Press specific session, and a Dealift and Bench press specific session. These sessions were about quality over quantity! We didn’t waste time with empty reps and constant repetition of the same movements. We chose appropriate exercises with weights to build motor patterns, reinforce movements and help areas of her posture that needed correcting….over the 6 weeks WE DIDN’T TEST STRENGTH, WE BUILT IT!

This is where she started…..

pressAt the start, Sarah’s stats were:

Weight: 57.5kg

Bodyfat: 25%

Squat:  55kg

Deadlifts: 80kg

Clean and Press: 30kg

Bench Press: 40kg


In 6 weeks……

DeadBy the end Sarah’s stats looked like this,

Weight: 58.4kg

Bodyfat: 24% = 1% drop….which means a 0.6kg reduction in bodyfat, and a 0.3kg increase in lean mass!

Squat: 70kg = 15kg increase

Deadlift: 90kg = 10kg increase

Clean and Press: 45kg = 15kg increase

Bench: 50kg = 10kg increase


squatThe outcome…..

Sarah didn’t change her diet, or dramatically change her training, she just added 1.5 hours of very specific, quality strength training. Her body shape has changed for the better, with a massive increase in muscle tone, shape, improved posture and a drop in body fat. The biggest thing to take away from this is Sarah’s increase in strength! She’s feeling more confident because she’s stronger!


Where do you start?

Getting started is the hard bit…Don’t know where to start? What you need to be doing? Don’t want to fight your way through all the muscly blokes in the weights section of the gym, or an injury or posture problem holding you back? We can help!

We can take you through the best way to train, show you whats safe and what are the effective ways to exercise with weights. All to getting you on the path to making you a leaner, stronger and better version of yourself

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Everything in moderation

Very wise words indeed, but this phrase seems to creep in more and more in the field of fitness and nutrition.  Let’s look at a few simple examples from both ends of the spectrum.

In training for example, lifting heavy weights to failure or working hard on a sprint training session is a fantastic way to progress.  Following one of these sessions the body needs recovery.  Going out the next day and smashing it all over again, or doing a similar intensity breakthrough workout does not work.

personal trainer bournemouth

The same can be said of any key nutrient (of which there are hundreds).  Most vitamins and minerals have a healthy effect on the body in some way.  But take an excess and often the overdose symptoms can be horrible and if there are no overdose symptom we need to consider that all nutrients work in harmony with each other.  Excess of one will often cause an imbalance in another.

At the other end let’s look at what we’ll all be eating this summer – ice cream.  Now, I’m not saying go out and and pound the ice cream day after day, but the odd bowl or cone won’t hurt.  In fact, if it’s good quality ice cream, there’s decent cream in there which is slow release treat and a little now and again is ok.

personal trainer bournemouth

Finally, stress.  We need a little of this stuff to get us out of bed in the mornings and perform optimally.  Too much will play havoc with hormone levels, stop you recovering from training, stop you losing weight and make you feel rubbish.

So remember…

Really tough workouts are great – but are only suitable a couple of times a week.

Vitamin and mineral intake or even supplementation is good for health – but in balance.

Don’t make trips to the New Forest Ice Cream factory each week for 5 litre tubs!

Avoid too much stress, put your trainers on and go for a hike in the forest.


The Beast – How We Dragged Ourselves Around 12.5 Miles of the Purbeck Coastline!

So as some of you might know we decided to take part in this years Purbeck Beast…..and it did exactly what the name implies. We had heard lots of stories about the hills, steps and treacherous terrain, but we thought to ourselves “How bad can it be?”…………

So a couple of Sundays ago on the 1st of September we made our way to Corfe and parked up in a field. It was pretty nice weather for running, still cool and no sight of wind or rain, but the ominous feeling set it when we saw who we would be racing against. Everyone else was is team colours for their running clubs, and then there was us….stood in Barefoot shoes and old cotton t-shirts…..we definitely didn’t look the part. This was made even more obvious as runners studied the map intently, making comparisons from the year before and the slight changes to the course. We on the other hand looked at the map, looked at each other, looked back at the map, shrugged and headed to the start line……true professionals!

runWe took the 5 minute walk to the start line, and it was packed, 425 runners bouncing on the stop, talking strategy and comparing anti-chaffing creams. Quick briefing from the marshals then BANG, the race began, months of training now had to pay off! The first priority was to get away from the congested pack at the start, so we shot hell for leather down the outside avoiding the ditches. After a very short and quick section of downhill on road, we then turned off and began the first uphill. This helped spread the pack out, and took us back around to the first bunch of spectators……this would be that last time they saw us looking fresh and happy.

The course then undulated for the next few miles, then we hit the first long uphill. A rocky broken path that continued up for about 15 minutes, it then flatten off and on to grass, then back to another 10 minutes of climbing……Brilliant! We then had a pretty technical and very rocky long section of downhill, this was the one downside of the barefoot shoes. Our feet took a battering for the next couple of miles until it leveled. The general pattern of climbing followed by descent continued until we hit the coast. There were some short steep climbs on the coast followed by some long windy flats, this was a relief on the legs, and the views were (1) After hammering along the coastal paths for a few miles we reached Chapman’s Pool, a few hundred steps down, followed by a few hundred steps up…..This was brutal! Negotiating the steps down was treacherous enough and pretty draining, the way up was hideous. All ready very tired legs walking up a few hundred very steep steps, and to make life worse, at the top of the steps there was still a couple of steep climbs…..We will never moan about a flight of stairs ever again!

We then started heading away from the coast, the paths seemed to flatten out a bit more and the climbs became less sharp. We began a gentle climb into Kingston, sadly this gentle climb seemed to last for about 30 minutes, and really finished off the legs. We then made it into Kingston, and awaiting us with some encouragement was Bex, Michelle and Charlie. We pulled our shorts up to look like “proper runners” and shot past until we were out of sight…then we got back to breathing out of our arses again! We then had our last drinks station, necked a gel and saw Corfe Castle on the horizon, a huge relief! The last couple of miles stayed fairly flat, couple of steepish climbs and loads of stiles to climb over. We started recognizing things from the start of the race so knew it wasn’t too far. We turned a blind corner, around an old wall and there it was…the finish line!


We crossed the finish line in an official time 1:50:41, putting us 108th out of 425 runners. We had beaten our target of going in under 2 hours and surviving! The Garmin at the end read 12.47 miles with 2017 feet of climbing in total. We then made out way to the nearest pub for some well deserved lunch…..the journey was slightly interrupted by a spot of cramp in the car which required some road side massage, but we don’t really wanna talk about that! The rest of the day was a blur, and naps were both had on the sofa in front of the tele. The legs remained trashed for the next couple of days, but as they recovered we slowly began to forget about the pain of all those hills and started talking about what we would do differently next year…………………….


So that’s next year sorted then!

Kind Regards,

Luke and Si