5 reasons to hire a Personal Trainer

Of course we are biased, but having a Personal Trainer has a long list of benefits.  Here are the top 5 reasons to hire a Personal Trainer not based on what we think, but on what our clients have fed back to us.

  1.  It helps you actually turn up.  How many times we hear “I could have stayed on the sofa”, then guess what, it’s one more session in the bag and one step closer to your goals.  Simply being accountable to someone else massively increases the chances of actually turning up at all.
  2. You try new things.  It’s easy to get stuck into the same old routine or have a ‘fixed’ way of thinking.  We regularly get people thinking outside the norm whether it’s just a new exercise or a whole new approach to training.
  3. Consistency.  Most people come and see us on a regular basis and tend to exercise and eat better in between.  It comes down to that accountability again.
  4. Knowledge.  Knowledge is power, right?  When you are educated to what your are doing the results and the meaning improve.
  5. Results.  The very basics with training for results are all the points above.  Getting the intensity and the balance right is key to results, which let’s be honest is the main thing that drives us.

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