25 Top tips for weight loss

Here are 25 simple top tips for ultimate weight loss.  Sometimes we simply need reminding of the basics!

  1. Eat larger meals earlier in the day and smaller meals later in the day.
  2. Don’t overeat.  Whatever you don’t burn is stored as fat.
  3. Get active on most or all days of the week.
  4. Stay away from simple sugars like sweets, chocolate and cakes.
  5. Ensure you are well hydrated as poor hydration can limit fat burning potential.
  6. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, high in fibre and water.
  7. Exercise regularly. It boosts metabolism and fat burning potential.
  8. Stop kidding yourself!
  9. Avoid saturated fats.  Essential fats found in oily fish, nuts and seeds are much better.
  10. Dieting doesn’t work. The results are short term with negative long term effects.
  11. Have a qualified body fat test done or use clothes sizes.  The scales never tell the full story.
  12. Limit alcohol due to its high calorie content.
  13. Exercise, but make sure you’re at the right level.
  14. Eat 5-6 smaller meals every day.  (graze as opposed to binge!)
  15. Train with weights to boost metabolism.
  16. Fight fat with fibre.  It keeps you full, keeping hunger at bay and also helps to control blood sugar levels.
  17. Never miss breakfast.  We need to boost metabolism and energy levels for the day.
  18. Watch what you consume when eating out.  Go for the healthier options as far as possible and look out for alcohol and desserts.
  19. Drink plenty of water, particularly with meals.
  20. You are looking to lose weight not muscle so eat plenty of protein rich foods.
  21. Eat slowly.  It takes 20 minutes for the brain to realize you are full.  Eating quickly causes overeating and is a strain on the digestive system.
  22. Ensure you get plenty of vitamins and minerals.  Eating a well balanced diet will help massively and you may want to consider a decent multivitamin.
  23. Eat less calories than you burn!
  24. Set realistic goals and aim to lose no more than 2lb / 0.8kg a week.
  25. If you want something badly enough it’s as good as yours – go get it!!