Primal living and how it can help us live better

The definition of primal lifestyle depends on who you speak to.  Essentially it mean living more in line with how our ancestors lived and developed.  Humans have evolved and thrived over 100,000’s of years and primal living looks at elements of how our ancestors lived such as movement and diet.

So how can we live more in line with our ancestors?

Our dietary habits are a big part of our health.  Primal lifestyle advice is to eat a diet consisting of meat, fish, eggs, nuts, occasional fruit and honey.  Most of us suspect this anyway, it’s just a case of good planning and motivation to be healthier.

There are a number of ‘modern’ foods which can have a negative effect on our health and energy.  Around 10,000 years ago we learned to grow crops such as grains and much of what we eat and use now has only been around less than 100 years.  That’s a tiny proportion of time, equivalent to one second in a 24 hour day.  This goes to explain why some people do better without grain foods such as oats, rice and wheat which can have an inflammatory effect on the body.  Dairy foods can be much the same for different reasons. There’s a solid case for moderation or complete removal of these foods.

Our ancestors would certainly have been active every day, walking running, jumping, lifting, climbing and throwing.  Regular exercise in any form tends to suit us very well.  The inclusion of exercises like kettlebell swings, tyre flips and body weight exercises are a definite nod to the primal lifestyle.

Finally it’s an overall balance that we need for good health.  There’s no way our primal selves would have had stressful commutes to work, social media addiction or long hours at the office.  Keeping the body happy is a full time occupation.  It’s a constant balance of plenty of sleep, exposure to sunlight, reducing stress, mental stimulation and life fulfilment.

The overall message is making some changes to our lifestyle in a holistic, primal way is a good thing.  We don’t have to be cooking over logs in the back garden every day, but certainly some positive health choices can be made to improve.

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