6 top tips for better workouts

With regular training there are so many variables and with this we are always looking to get the most from what we do.  Even if it’s  a daily commute to work or an occasional gym workout, these top tips will help you get the most from your workout.  Much of this comes down to specificity which essentially means we are all individual with different needs and goals.  This is a very important part of the process.

Eating before exercise

Getting the nutrition right before training is really an individual thing.  For performance we need to eat plenty of calories and consider the macro nutrients carbohydrates, protein and fat.  Remember we need some carbs for performance and fat is always the slowest to digest so leave plenty of time after higher fat meals.  For weight loss performance may take a back seat and it’s a case of eating just enough.  Either way it’s certainly worth trying lots of different options to see what works.


..and after exercise

The post exercise window of anything up to an hour is the perfect time to refuel.  Usually carbs and protein are priority here and again it’s individual to what we can manage and how much we need.  The recovery process starts here so a good post workout snack/meal can mean a big difference.


Get specific

Have a clear idea of what you want to achieve before the workout, then stick to it.  This is a major part of training and without it we are simply smashing empty miles or pushing empty reps.  Along these lines the more interesting training plans are those designed around events or sports.


Pre hab routines

Pre hab exercise are simply exercises that help to mobilize, rebalance and prepare the body for a workout.  Tight hips, sleepy abs or sticky shoulders need a wake up before we even start.  Time spent here reduces injury risk and means the body is much happier working later.


Find a training buddy (or Personal Trainer!)

You will simply enjoy the training more, work harder and generally look forward to workouts.  This goes a long way especially on the days where motivation is down.


Shake it up a little

Try a different method of training or even a totally different activity entirely.  It’s good to keep the body guessing and essentially it’s good for the body and mind to use some different movements.  Always fancied some squash or windsurfing?  Use that new found fitness and strength to go and have a lesson.


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Ways to be more efficient and get fitter

In modern life we are all busy in our lives, rushing from job to job and jumping from tech to tech.  This can be problematic for some when it comes to trying to exercise. We all know we should be active every day and be aiming for 2-4 good training sessions a week (depending on goals). Here are some ways we can find time to get fit…

Make daily routines a workout

This is my personal favourite.  I will do some stretches/foam rolling while watching the news in the morning, cycle the school drop off and commute to work (6 miles plus!), then maybe even add some core work before first session.  Powerful stuff.

Another favourite is walking or jogging to the local shops for that pint of milk.  It’s better for your body as well as the environment and the more we do these types of things the easier it becomes.


Kids and dogs

If you don’t have any of the above kidnap one or buy one!  The perfect excuse to run around the park, play games, throw and climb.  Some of the funnest sessions will be a long dog walk in the forest or a game of park footy.



The classic case is the number of hours we spend watching TV and surfing facebook versus doing exercise.  Sometimes fitness just needs to be prioritized, it’s your health we are talking about.

Efficient living is another subject in itself.  Often we make a task bigger then it is by spending more time on it than necessary, even putting it off for longer will make it harder.  The cost of checking email too often is huge, when we often only need to check a few times a day.


Little and often

Along these lines those mini sessions of 15-20 minutes per day are invaluable.  By scheduling a shorter session we are more likely to get going on it.  A good strength session or cardio session can be condensed into 30 minutes so if time is short this can be a great way to go.  Personally I always strength train for less than 20 minutes!


Here are some other nuggets to get your training wedged in..

  • Set the alarm 30 minutes earlier. Unless it’s an early start anyway this is a perfect hassle free start to the day.
  • As above, train on the way to work.  Join a fitness club  en route!
  • Buy a bike.  They can get you everywhere faster and are much more fun.


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