Make your 2017 fitness plans work

It’s that time of year again.  The gyms are packed with people (for now) and everyone has grand plans for a new body.  Here are some simple tips on how to make your fitness plan work this year.  This is not an exhaustive guide but simply a list of the elements that work based on experience.


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Enjoy it

This is the way to stick to your training.  In fact it won’t even be training if you do because looking forward to your chosen activity is the best feeling you can get.



See where you want to be and remind yourself every day.  That may just be as simple as being active every other day  or something more impressive.  Either way see in your mind how that feels almost like a video replay you can put on repeat.  This is powerful stuff.



Training specifically for an event or for a sport is the best way to train.  Forget what everyone else is doing, break down your craft and break it down into specific workouts.   Along these lines, having an event booked in 3-6 months from now is a massive motivator.


Be open minded

This sounds a bit airy fairy but it’s important.  Training is not set in stone and we need to be willing to tweak and evolve as we go along.


Whatever your goals, come and work with us, we have it covered. Visit the BourneFit website here.