Creating 5 good daily habits

Here are 5 good daily habits that will massively improve your health and performance every day.

  1.  Brekky.  A decent breakfast is the key to good energy, fat burning and appetite regulation.  It also predicts how we go on to eat for the rest of the day.
  2. Have a stretch.  We all suffer with at least a couple of tight muscle groups. Do some form of stretching or foam rolling 5-10 minutes in the morning followed by throughout the day.
  3. Relax more.  Take time out to stare at the sea or climb a tree.
  4. Visualise.  Think about where you want to be and do it often.  This could be completing a 5k, improving a 10k or reaching a weight loss goal.
  5. Try something new.  A healthy lunch, some mountain biking or even just a different gym routine.  Even if they don’t stick different options can make your usual choices seem better.  There’s always something to be gained.