10 less obvious reasons to exercise

Besides the usual physical gains there are lots of positives to exercising on a regular basis that many of us never consider. This list should inspire even the laziest of couch potatoes.

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  1. Exercise helps you sleep better.   When we train we sleep deeper and with better patterns which is amazing as sleep is still shown to be top of the list for health.
  2. It’s a little me time.  Many of us tear around all week and rarely have time out.  Even a 20 minute walk to work is perfect.
  3. Exercise improves your sex life.  There are few reasons why, both physical and hormonal, but it’s all good.
  4. It improves your pain threshold, perfect for…erm if you’re ever in pain I guess.
  5. Exercise helps brain power.  this is due to increased efficency of circulation paricularly to the brain.
  6. You crave healthier food.
  7. Exercise aids digestion. With increased bloodflow and better nervous system response, particulary following training the gut can be a healthier place too.
  8. It’s anti-ageing on a mental and physical level.
  9. Exercise is great for mind and soul.  It’s like a form of meditation and is also shown to reduce anxiety, a very common issue with modern living.
  10. It fights disease. Diabetes, stroke, heart disease, cancers, you name it, regular exercise fights all of them.

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