Dieting, weight loss and how it all works.

Most of us have tried to lose weight (or more specifically drop body fat) at some point.  In this case we may have tried one of the many diets on the market or simply tried to ‘eat healthily’ to attain good shape.  Let’s have a look at how diets work and shed some light on the subject..

The diet industry is a multi billion pound business, due mainly to the number of people looking for a solution.  In fact, the initial success rate of dieting is actually pretty good.  In most cases we follow a particular diet and lose weight by following its rules and principles.   This success rate drops dramatically when we fast forward months or years later, with most people having regained the weight lost and often added more.  That’s probably the best indicator to how successful they are.

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But let’s go back to how diets work in an attempt to improve weight loss results.  Diets have a number of simple things in common which we maybe have never considered.

  1. Diets essentially get you eating less. 

Ever heard of a 5000 calorie per day diet?  Didn’t think so.  Generally speaking every weight loss plan will get you eating less calories than you burn, that’s obvious.

  2. Diets get you focusing on foods.

All diets work well in the way they get you looking at what you are consuming.  The simple exercise of keeping a food diary or eating healthily is good as far as you are focused on what you are eating.

  3.  Diets get you eating healthier

In most cases, diets try to exclude high processed, high calorie foods which we know are bad for us and encourage natural foods.  Again all diets work in different ways but the end game is much the same.  Until the ‘burger, chips and cola diet’ is released this is likely to stay the same.


The bottom line.

In the above ways diets are good and like I mentioned above they are successful in promoting weight loss.  What we need is a long term healthy approached based on some of the above.  The best way forwards is good lifestyle, quality exercise and a balanced healthy diet.


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