Life changing thoughts!

Mindset is essentially something all of us use on a daily basis.  It’s how we think but most importantly how we program ourselves to think.  It is one of the most important things we can work on, be it in sport, nutrition, business or just everyday life.

Growth and Fixed mindset – what’s the difference?

There are a number of books and articles written on this but here it is in a nutshell.  It’s about attitude and outlook.

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Here is an example.

You are learning to play guitar and having a tough time learning a particular chord/piece, to the point you want to throw that instrument out of the nearest window!

Fixed mindset  – “I’m rubbish at this, I can’t do it. Maybe I’m not cut out to learn an instrument. I’m so bad at this I’m giving up.” A fixed mindset type believes purely in success and failure with very little in between.  If they can do something then they have passed and otherwise everything else is a failure.

Growth mindset  –  “Man this is tough.  But I have come so far in the last few weeks, I will pick this up later and have another go.  I could look at lessons, or try another song and come back to it.  ”  Growth mindset is about not being afraid of failure and seeing every experience as a challenge.

It goes without saying that growth mindset types go further in their efforts, improve more and actually succeed more. This mindset approach works particularly well in sports, fitness and weight loss.

Having a tough time in literally anything?  Which mindset are you?..