10 ways to burn body fat for the summer

Winter is now long gone, and it’s time to shed a little bit of the excess timber.  So how do we burn more body fat?  Here are some quick fire ways to attack the fat..


1. Eating a low calorie diet (old school)

This works for obvious reasons and is fine if you are motivated and willing.  It can be tough with levels of hunger and can have poor effects on metabolism making it hard to maintain.

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2. Eating a low carb diet (more modern)

Keeping your grams of carbs low will encourage fat burning.  There are lots of methods to work with here, but essentially if you eat less sugars/carbs the body will burn more fat for fuel.


3. Eating an 11-7 diet (light fast)

This can be done most days and essentially compresses the eating window.  Eating for 8 hours and fasting for 16 will encourage fat burning and is surprisingly effective.


4.  Full on fasting (5:2 or similar)

The more extreme version is simply fasting 2 days a week, avoiding food all day and eating a moderate calorie meal in the evening.  Not for the faint hearted – this method obviously drops calories but the fat burning and health benefits are profound.


5.  Pushing weights

Doing resistance training will stick metabolism through the roof.  As little as 20-30 minutes twice a week is enough to reap the benefit.


6.  Doing LSD

Not the illegal high of course.  ‘Long slow distance’ relates to hiking, biking, jogging etc but for longer distance, ideally more than an hour.  This turns the body into a fat burning machine as it looks for a long term fuel source.

Hill run


7. Interval training

The fitness benefits of interval training are great but so is the calorie burning.  Metabolism will be raised for anything up to 24 hours after training.


8.  Eating protein

Eating protein will boost metabolism, so eat it at most meals if you can.


9.  Taking fat burning supplements

They might work, they probably don’t!  The ingredients are often harmful to health and long term weight loss simply isn’t sustainable on this stuff.


10.  Changing psychology

Time to get deeper.  Often our thinking affects our nutrition as much as anything.  Night time treats, comfort foods and reward foods can be detrimental so it may be good to look at shifting here.



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