5 low carb breakfasts to kickstart your day

Breakfast, for some is the most important meal of the day.  We have been conditioned over the years to reach for breakfast cereals, rounds of toast and orange juice all of which is high in carbohydrates, but doesn’t offer much in the way of sustained energy.

The trick is to opt for higher fat and protein content for this sustained energy factor. Try these brekky options for a week and we can guarantee you will function better all day!

1. Homemade granola

Ingredients: Some seeds (sunflower, sesame etc) Almonds, Brazil nuts, Sliced coconut, Coconut oil

Simply combine all the ingredients on some grease proof paper and roast at 150 degrees until golden

Add to some full fat greek yoghurt.


2. Bacon and eggs

It’s making a comeback these days as a high protein low carb option.  Try and get unsmoked bacon and poach or scramble the eggs.

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3.  Banana pancakes.

My personal favourite.  3 eggs a dollop of nut butter and a mashed up banana.  Mix it all up and cook it like a pancake on low heat in butter or coconut oil – amazing!  Another option for breakfast pancakes is using almond flour if you can get it.


4.  Omelettes

Another great eggy option and one that includes veg as well.  Include a little cheese, some butter, peppers, tomatoes, onions or spinach.


5.  Breakfast on the hoof.

On the run?  Grab a chunk of cheese, some almonds and an apple. Satisfying and low carb.  Another option on the run are homemade granola type bars made from nuts and seeds.