Christmas Opening and survival

A Merry Christmas to one and all.  Find below our opening times and a couple of top tips on Christmas survival.


Opening times

23rd December (as usual)

24th December – 28th December (closed)

29th-31st December (daytimes only)

1st Jan 2015! (closed)

2nd Jan (daytime only)



Quick and simple Christmas survival tips

  • The Christmas holidays are long.  Don’t make excuses, plan to survive them in one piece.
  • We tend to have plenty of time for long walks and bike rides.  A great opportunity to bring out your warm weather gear, burn off any excess and get fit!
  • Pick and choose.  Choose your favourite indulgences whether it’s savoury, sweet, alcohol, whatever and stick to just a couple.  Enjoy them fully and guilt free, then don’t be tempted to plough through the rest.
  • Eaten too much?  Give the body a break the next day by skipping breakfast and fasting through til lunch
  • Do some training.  Exercise first thing on an empty stomach has profound effect.


Wishing you a Merry Christmas from the BourneFit PT team! See you on the other side…