The 5 best ways to lose weight!

Weight loss, or in most cases ‘fat loss’ is a common talking point.  Here we offer the best 5 ways to lose weight and discuss them in a little detail.

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1. Eat less calories

Eating less calories will usually (not always) cause a loss in weight.  We know this.  The only trick is staying satisfied, not getting hungry and actually having any energy to live and enjoy life. Oh, and in addition be ready for a weight gain rebound when you eat a normal diet again.  Besides these this option works!

2. Move more

Doing more exercise, expending more calories, lifting heavy things etc will help weight loss massively.  Ever see a fat marathon runner?..Didn’t think so.  Moving more should be on the agenda for many, chances are if you’re carrying too much weight, you’re not moving enough.

3. Eat a higher fat, higher protein, low carbohydrate diet

Insulin is the master weight loss hormone and the main food affecting insulin is carbohydrate.  Reduce carbs, reduce insulin, encourage weight loss.  Ketogenic eating is a great example of this and something we are definitely supporting at the moment.  More on this here and here.

4. Cut out anything you suspect is holding you back

Because chances are they probably are.  Common suspects may be dairy foods, wheat foods, chocolate, coffee, sugar and ALCOHOL (you know who you are!).  Eliminating food groups and reintroducing them after 2 weeks to check for a response is a simple effective method.

5. Drink more water

The clear stuff is essential to life.  Dehydration even on a mild level will affect energy levels and will certainly affect weight loss efforts.  Second only to the air we breathe, water is a must and if the body isn’t receiving enough fat burning will be down the list.

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