Living the Primal lifestyle

Humans have developed and evolved over half a million years (give or take).  This time has shaped our general survival and health but many of our basic habits have changed. Eating and living more Primally has gained popularity over the last few years and for good reason..

We now live in modern times with modern equipment, machines and methods. Much of what we do goes against our Primal instincts and this shows.  We are suffering from illnesses, getting fatter, lazier and generally less healthy.  (as a reader of this blog this may not apply so much to you – well done!).

There are still communities around the world who live as we used to.  They thrive on the their lifestyle and enjoy good health while knowing very little of obesity, heart disease, cancer, inactivity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes….the list is endless.  These communities are living proof.

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Life does go on however, so beyond living in a cave and rubbing sticks together what can we reasonably do to live more primally.

Eat a more Primal Diet

Our ancestors would not have had access to 19 aisles out of the 20 in Tesco’s.  They would have lived on meat, fish, fruit, vegetables and occasional honey.  That’s pretty much it.  Interestingly even our fruit and vegetable are ‘grown to order’ these days.  Many of these foods we see now are a shadow of their original.  For most of us a diet excluding many of the other ‘modern’ foods is a massive step in the right direction.


Our current day Primal communities and much evidence from past communities shows they are all active on a daily basis.  They are running, hiking,climbing,jumping, sprinting and lifting continually.  The average distance covered by our ancestors is shown to be 12-13 miles a day.

Fresh air and Fun

Our ancestors would not have worked a 14 hour stint in an air con office.  They typically did enough to get fed and warm for the day.  This left lots of time to socialize, play with children and basically have more fun.  Today, our list of chores is never ending.  Find something fun to do every day out of the normal routine.  Finish work early, find a new activity, be like a child (borrow one if you have to!) anything to get out of the stressful routines.

Primal Activities

For many trail walking, running or mountain biking in our local stunning forests and hills offer a Primal ‘feel’.  Postural benefits can be gained from the likes of Yoga and Pilates which have a barefoot element to them as well.  Other potentially Primal activities would be sports such as climbing and  swimming.


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