How to stay on track this winter

When the sun shining and a potential summer holiday is on the cards, it will feel significantly easier to maintain weight, fitness and health.  Come this time of year, the clocks have changed and it’s comfort food, central heating and TV all the way.  Check out BourneFit’s top tips on staying on it this winter..

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trails like these are great year round!

1.  Plan your training now for Spring.

Fitness does not come overnight.  It takes week on week of hard work and careful preparation, so with this in mind train now for the shape you want in April.  Top athletes do what they call ‘base training’ through the winter, some of the longest hours and strength training which pay dividends in Spring.

The same works for weight loss – ever thought of losing weight in May/June only to find it’s suddenly August.  Too late!  Start now..

2.  Training outside? Get some decent gear.

Running and Cycling seem to be more popular now than for a while as they are easily accessible.  Having the right gear makes a huge difference to staying warm and potentially lighting up the forest/beach trails.  Consider investing in the following – then get out there and use them, you’ll love it.

  • Tights – so cozy, even for the guys
  • Windproof anything – especially jackets
  • Buff scarves
  • super warm gloves
  • GPS devices and Heart rate devices- hours of fun and stats when you get home
  • A head torch
  • Bright lights and fluro in general

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3.  Weight training

As mentioned, weight training is well planned in the winter months, as we tend to be out more when the weather is good.  We could all do with improving strength and the darker months are a great time to do this.

4.  Book some events

There are some great (sometimes muddy) outdoor events ranging from xmas 5ks to extreme events like tough mudder.  Book them and pay for them to keep you focused.  It’s very rarely too cold to go out!


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