8 ways to boost your immunity this autumn

It’s that time of year again..the kids are back to school, the temperature is dropping and the viruses are flying.  These top tips will massively boost health and therefore immune system, they are of course very much linked.

1.  Sleep well.  Spend some quiet time before bed reading or even go for a walk to improve the quality of sleep.  Avoid stimulants, sugars and overeating before you hit the sack.  Take 20 minute power naps!

2.  Reduce stress.  It’s hard to avoid but can be offset good diet and exercise – do some light exercise in the day such as a walk down the beach or park.  Work on noticing your breathing…ohmmmmmm

Better still..get down the beach and do some exercise

3. Avoid overtraining.  Exercise is great, too much is detrimental – listen to your body and have an easy session when necessary.

4.  Eat well.  It goes without saying, the more processed your diet, the more pressure there is on the immune system.

5. Play more.  Games with the kids (and adults) massively boost our wellbeing.  Don’t forget how to play, cards, computers, frisbee get out there and have fun.

6. Reduce grains.  The phytates in grains suppress your immune system, opt for fresh fruit and veggies instead.

7.  Lose weight slowly.  Losing weight too quickly will lower immunity, ai for no more than 0.5-1kg per week.

8. Enjoy fats.  Low fat diets are bad..good fats such as omega 3 will improve immune function.  Don’t avoid the fats, avoid the stodge.