Get out there and run!

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Delayed as it may be.. Spring time is here, a time many take to the outdoors and get fit through running.  Here are some effective tips and things you may not be aware of when it comes to the basic art of running.

A brief history of running.

Running is in our blood! One strong theory indicates that this is why we are here today.  For thousands of years we have evolved with a basic need to hunt and eat to survive, which involved being able to trek and run often for hours. The human body has great capacity for endurance (jogging for miles) and this combined with tracking and hunting skills, which we have clearly lost the need for was key to survival.


The big question, should I run or not?

As Personal Trainers we come across a number of people who say “running is not for me”.  In some cases this is true, such as;

  • Carrying too much weight – it can load more weight through the joints
  • A history of significant knee or hip injury
  • Hating running!
  • Being in ‘later years’ with no history of regular running

Many people miss out, they really want to run but never begin. Our advice – if you have always wanted to run, get out there and run there are untold benefits!..


It’s free  

No gym memberships, no schedules, leave the front door and go! Essentially the price of a pair of trainers and you’re good to go.


A great benefit of running is the multiple freedom it gives you.  Some exercise and fresh air before breakfast, a blowout after a tough day, lunchtime escape, the list goes on.


Running offers great flexibility.  Trips away on business or pleasure makes it hard to exercise – as a runner just take some trainers and go explore.

Crossover to other sports

Regular running can lead to trying other sports or improve existing activities.  The list is endless as far as carryover including most ball sports and racket sports. (we could possibly even put darts and fishing in here?!..).

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Top tips for running

  • Start slowly.  The consensus is to progress every couple of weeks rather than every session.
  • Run light.  A great approach is to ‘ run light and easy’ then progress to ‘effortless’.
  • Get suitable footwear. Road or trail, minimalist or cushioned – get some good advice.
  • Take some music – it really helps the last bit home
  • Try the range of apps.  There are numerous GPS type apps which can tell you distance and speeds.


For further advice on running, anything related or otherwise feel free to get in touch.  Contact us through the website at