Boost your immune system this winter

November time, the temperature is dropping and it’s time to boost immunity against all those winter bugs.  Check out the simple tips below, an approach to strengthen the body as a whole.

Smoking and Alcohol

Even in small amounts, smoking and drinking will hit the immune system.  We already know this!

Reducing sugar

White blood cells which help us to fight bacteria, have their ability compromised when engulfed in sugar. Artificial sweeteners are even worse.

Take the toxins out of your diet

Limiting the amount of pesticides, preservatives and additives will help.  The damage of many of these substances has not yet been fully proven but we do know they affect our immune systems.

Eat lots of healthful foods

Foods particularly good for boosting immune function are fruits and veggies for their high nutrient content as well as their positive Ph effect.  Foods high in protein and essential fats are helpful in building immune system, helping to fight those invaders.

Don’t worry, be happy

Finally, looking after our stress level is important.  Find the activities that calm you the most and stick with them.  This may be as simple as a walk down the beach or going out for a nice meal.