The balance between Weight Loss and Training

Trying to lose weight or reduce body fat is probably the most common and important goal to people.  It is often a simple balance of what we eat, how much energy we expend and metabolism.

However things are not always straight forward.  People aiming to burn body fat will often sacrifice some energy intake in an attempt to speed results, which can cause some problems.

Enough energy for exercise

Exercise when done correctly, is phenomenal at burning calories and boosting metabolism .    Too little energy will only get you so far, and as soon as you start a precious workout it feels like you have hit a wall.  The trick is to eat slow release energy foods and enough of them to fuel workouts.  Try eating a little more on workout days as a habit.

Hunger levels 

Our hunger levels are dictated by our blood sugar levels.  Low energy leads to high hunger and is more likely to lead to reaching for the emergency biscuits in the top cupboard.

Eat breakfast like a king

This doesn’t necessarily mean eating like a pig!  A substantial breakfast will actually boost metabolism, reduce the chance of hunger later (see above!).  Skipping breakfast or eating very little can only lead to trouble.

Balanced slow release nutrition

This is the key to long term results.  Skipping meals and cutting calories too drastically can only lead to trouble.  Consistency is the key.

Fitness Basics: the FITT principle

The FITT principle is the basic principle of training and something that works very well, however long you have been exercising for.  FITT is an acronym for Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type. It works on the four basic elements of a training plan, which all need to be planned together in relation to each other.

Training 4 times a week is great, but if it’s too easy, not long enough or the wrong activity then the results will be minimal.  Likewise a solid gym session once a week with nothing in between has limited benefit.


In simple terms how often we are training.  This is easily broken down into weekly proportions, and can be anything from once per week for recreational to even twice a day for advanced athletes.


This is described as the intensity or difficulty of the workouts, such as how fat you run or how high your heart rate is.  Probably the most important element for those really needing to gain fitness.


The amount of time we spend exercising is important.  30 minutes may be enough for some, whereas a marathoner runner definitely needs to be doing several hours.


The type of training we do is very specific to the results we expect to gain.  Weight training will not improve fitness dramatically for example.


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Bournemouth Beach – A great place to get fit

This time of year especially, training outside is surely the way to go.  When the weather is this good, it seems almost rude to be inside the gym slogging away on a treadmill.  There is more to Fitness on  Bournemouth Beach than just running for those who can’t or don’t want to do so.

Get prepared.

  • Many of us tend to live within a decent distance from the beach, otherwise you may have to drive, run or cycle as part of your workout.  This works well.
  • Check the weather online before you go and get the right kit on.
  • Take some water, or use the taps that are dotted along the seafront to hydrate

Workout Ideas

  • For many cycling is a much easier option – you will cover more distance as well.
  • Power walking is excellent exercise.  You can even carry some weight or walk on sand for a tougher option.
  • If running, don’t get stuck into running on the flat.  Use some of the many zig zags and pier approached available to add variety and intensity.
  • The seafront is littered with benches, steps, groynes etc.  Use these from press ups, step ups and dips – or be as creative as you like.
  • You can even combine – a cycle to the beach, some power walking, step ups and press ups followed by a cycle home is an awesome workout.

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8 Week fatburner – Who’s with us?

The Back Story

On a recent stag weekend, the man himself a good friend of mine, requested some help to get in shape for the big day – 8 weeks, maximum results.  We set this plan up to be as simple as possible and later insisted that I would follow it for support, checking in a couple of times a week. Increasing the number of participants has now become an obvious way to improve success and get everyone involved – are you with us?!



Years of experience has shown the majority of people wish to lose weight, or to be more specific, lose Body Fat.  This is essentially the stuff that sits under your skin causing lack of tone, poor shape, health issues and weight gain.  In some cases the main goal may be weight loss, in others a desire to improve physique by conditioning muscle and reducing body fat at the same time.   Either way, this works.

This approach switches the body to burning fat by slowing the release of insulin, a fat storing hormone.  We remove toxins, empty calories, sugars and major foods known to slow results. Following this, people typically experience much more energy, feeling healthier and improved sleep patterns (AND less Body Fat!)

We aim to simplify things, including easy foods to prepare and stick to in order to get solid results.

We will use these meals as gospel for now as most people repeat meals weekly anyway.  There is flexibility, you essentially just need to be eating lean proteins, fruit and veg and we can get onto more variety later.

On with the plan

Fancy taking part? – you can join us at any time, free of charge.  Just email us at and we will send you all the info you need..