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Customized fitness

Whatever your goals, our Bournemouth Personal Training service is sure to get you there fast. Based on sound knowledge and experience, 1-2-1 sessions are individually focused. Most people lack the time, knowledge and motivation to achieve proper results with exercise, so we apply a fresh approach, using advanced training principles for great results.

How we work

Sessions can be booked as required or on a regular basis, typically 1-3 times per week. For Personal Training we offer 1 hour sessions and 45 minute 'speedy' sessions (think quality over quantity). Depending on your goals we offer exercise schedules for inbetween your visits to BourneFit.

What are your goals?

General fitness

Improve a mix of fitness and strength, ideal for generally getting in better shape.

Weight training

This covers training specifically for strength or tone on a muscular level.

Weight loss

Learn how to boost metabolism and increase diet quality for long term effective weight loss.

Sport / Event training

From 5k to gettting fit for sport, training is specific so come and do it right.

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