Weight Loss: all foods are not equal

We all know about calories and you only have to read food labels to check the energy content of foods.  However we also know that all foods are not created equal.  Check out some of the foods below to encourage your fatburning potential.

Protein foods
Foods like chicken, fish, pork, eggs and steak have a higher thermic effect.  This essentially means the food requires more energy for the body to break it down.  These foods are also excellent in suppressing appetite.

Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries etc are all fair game as they are super slow release, also suppressing appetite and encouraging the body to burn fat.

Nuts, Seeds and their Oils
These foods are high in fat and also calories, but the key is good fats.  We naturally crave these fats and even a truck load of burgers will not satisfy these cravings.  We need the good stuff.  Adding Olive oil to salads, increasing oily fish, nuts and seeds is all good.