The balance between Weight Loss and Training

Trying to lose weight or reduce body fat is probably the most common and important goal to people.  It is often a simple balance of what we eat, how much energy we expend and metabolism.

However things are not always straight forward.  People aiming to burn body fat will often sacrifice some energy intake in an attempt to speed results, which can cause some problems.

Enough energy for exercise

Exercise when done correctly, is phenomenal at burning calories and boosting metabolism .    Too little energy will only get you so far, and as soon as you start a precious workout it feels like you have hit a wall.  The trick is to eat slow release energy foods and enough of them to fuel workouts.  Try eating a little more on workout days as a habit.

Hunger levels 

Our hunger levels are dictated by our blood sugar levels.  Low energy leads to high hunger and is more likely to lead to reaching for the emergency biscuits in the top cupboard.

Eat breakfast like a king

This doesn’t necessarily mean eating like a pig!  A substantial breakfast will actually boost metabolism, reduce the chance of hunger later (see above!).  Skipping breakfast or eating very little can only lead to trouble.

Balanced slow release nutrition

This is the key to long term results.  Skipping meals and cutting calories too drastically can only lead to trouble.  Consistency is the key.