The acid alkaline balance

Remember the ‘litmus paper’ from Chemistry lessons in school.  A test of how acidic or alkaline chemicals were.  The human body is much the same with believe it or not some people being more acidic than others.

Problems with being too acidic

Most of our concern needs to be with being too acidic.  This may lead to a number of problems such as weight gain, premature aging, joint pain and low energy.  At the high end of the scale high acidity in the body has been linked to cardiovascular problems and osteoporosis.

What causes us to be acidic?

Surprise surprise bad nutrition is top of the list for causing acidity.  Foods such as meat, eggs, dairy and wheat are acid forming foods as are most processed foods (all the stuff we enjoy).

Alkaline foods

The good news.  If your diet is high in fruit and vegetables, these are essentially the main alkaline forming foods.  There are a few exceptions but clearly this is another reason to be eating well!

Practical ways to improve you acid alkaline balance.

  • Drink hot lemon, particularly first thing in the morning
  • Eat foods in their most unprocessed form
  • Graze on fruit,  instead of high sugar snacks
  • Everything in moderation.  Gallons of coffee and wine everyday spell trouble!
  • Try almonds or dried fruit as these are particularly alkaline