8 Week fatburner – Who’s with us?

The Back Story

On a recent stag weekend, the man himself a good friend of mine, requested some help to get in shape for the big day – 8 weeks, maximum results.  We set this plan up to be as simple as possible and later insisted that I would follow it for support, checking in a couple of times a week. Increasing the number of participants has now become an obvious way to improve success and get everyone involved – are you with us?!



Years of experience has shown the majority of people wish to lose weight, or to be more specific, lose Body Fat.  This is essentially the stuff that sits under your skin causing lack of tone, poor shape, health issues and weight gain.  In some cases the main goal may be weight loss, in others a desire to improve physique by conditioning muscle and reducing body fat at the same time.   Either way, this works.

This approach switches the body to burning fat by slowing the release of insulin, a fat storing hormone.  We remove toxins, empty calories, sugars and major foods known to slow results. Following this, people typically experience much more energy, feeling healthier and improved sleep patterns (AND less Body Fat!)

We aim to simplify things, including easy foods to prepare and stick to in order to get solid results.

We will use these meals as gospel for now as most people repeat meals weekly anyway.  There is flexibility, you essentially just need to be eating lean proteins, fruit and veg and we can get onto more variety later.

On with the plan

Fancy taking part? – you can join us at any time, free of charge.  Just email us at

si.lesser@gmail.com and we will send you all the info you need..