6 day food plan for Health / Weight Loss

A common problem when trying to eat healthily can be choosing what works.  Our main concern is with foods that are high in nutrients, high in fibre and release energy slowly.  Check out the meals below, some simple but easily repeatable meal options.

You will notice there are only 6 days..as always, day 7 eat what you like!

Many of these meals can be tweaked or combined as necessary.  Everyone has personal preferences and it’s important to eat what works for you. If you suspect allergies, particularly to wheat, milk or nuts then go for other options.

Essentially we are always trying to educate on lots of fruit, veg and lean protein – these are some practical suggestions along those lines.


Slow release as always is the key, and adding protein will boost metabolism for the day as well as keeping hunger at bay. A decent breakfast is shown to dictate how well the rest of the days food goes.

Porridge with berries and honey – tasty

Smoked Salmon and boiled eggs – high protein amazing breakfast

Beans and scrambled eggs and chorizo – good energy, easy on the chorizo

Porridge with bananas and cinammon  – porridge..so good we have it in twice

Fresh Fruit and yoghurt – quick and simple

Homemade muesli – natural oats, loaded with seeds and nuts



Again slow release, high nutrient meals are the key.  Avoid packet food, shop sandwiches and quick fixes like the plague.  

Tuna salad – your choice of salad veggies.  Go fresh herbs and try spinach leaves.

Chicken salad – again, so good we have salad twice.

Quinoa cucumber and protein – meat, fish or beans.  Quinoa is a power food, complete with essential fats and protein!

Beans and eggs – quick and easy

Turkey wraps – even quicker and easier

Protein jacket – handy for ‘bought lunch’ tuna works well


By dinner time, it’s plain sailing.  Keep it fresh, simple and portion size should be medium not large.  Some dinners work great as lunch the following day.  

Fresh fish and vegetables – Any fish, any veggies (ideally twice a week)

Chilli Con Carne – try minimal or brown rice, lots of the chilli.

Spag Bol – try minimal or brown pasta, lots of the Bol

Homemade Beefburgers, sweet pots, sweetcorn – Use fresh lean steak mince with onion (no buns), Sweet potatoe chips in olive oil and corn on the cob.  Amazing, almost like junk food!

Cajun Chicken and Roasted veggies – Another great lean protein and vegetable option, Also great in salad

Salmon chillie lime noodles – Fresh salmon on noodles, topped with soy sauce, fresh lime and chillies.

Fat Storers and Fat Burners

Beyond the simple fact that eating ‘hungry man’ size portions, drinking calories and being sedentary will cause weight gain, there are food choices we can make to affect body fat.  Here we will look at a list of fat storers, foods that cause weight gain and fat burners, foods that encourage it to burn off!

Fat Storers

These are a fat fighter’s worst enemy.  Research shows, that although calorie intake, portion size and exercise are all important, the types of food and drink we consume are critical.

Some basic physiology is required here.

Insulin a hormone released by the pancreas in response to high sugar or fast releasing foods.  The higher the blood sugar, the higher the insulin response.  Insulin essentially takes energy out of the blood stream and puts it into the cells of the body.  Fat storing foods are mainly the foods that cause a massive rush of insulin, changing the way the body treats subsequent foods.

Fizzy drinks – these play havoc with insulin levels and the diet versions can be even worse

Alcohol – again, pure calories in liquid form, toxicity and combined with a hangover to prove it

Sugar combined with fat – biscuits, cakes and chocolate would fall into this cateory – KABOOOM!

Dried fruit – beware, considered healthy and natural but loaded with energy

Health food snacks – cereal bars for example are loaded with sugar, not the best snack

Toxins – Wash foods to reduce pesticides, beware of preservatives in foods

Fat Burners

So, you’ve meandered your way through the maze of fat storers, processed foods and sugary muck.  Now you can encourage the body to burn fat from it’s reserves.  These foods are the reverse of the ‘fat storing’ foods.  They create a slow constant release of energy.

Beyond this, foods like fruits and vegetables are high in vitamins and minerals have a positive effect on metabolism.  Other natural foods promote hormone balance, keep us fuller for longer and are often much less calorie dense.

Protein foods – lean meat, fish and beans for example slow insulin in it’s tracks, also boosting metabolism

Citrus fruits – boost metabolism and are high in vitamin C, very powerful fat burners

Oats – another reason to opt for porridge first thing, high in fibre and protein, slow to digest

Raw nuts – foods like almonds and walnuts are high in essential ‘healthy’ fats, a great snack

Oily fish – salmon, mackerel, again high in good fats as well as protein

Water – Don’t forget the clears stuff.  Flushes out toxins, boosts metabolism and aids digestion


How to get your Beach Body Abs!

Summer’s back in town and everyone wants the same thing………….that flat toned stomach so we can wear our swimwear with pride. Keep reading and you find out how it all works, and what to do to get your own washboard stomach!

 The abs are broken up into 4 main groups. They all have slightly different functions, but making sure you train each one will give you much better looking results!

Rectus abdominus – These make up the “Six Pack” running down the middle.  Their job is to bring the ribs closer to the hips, so simple sit ups and crunches work this area best!

Transverse abdominus – This is the deepest ab muscle, its job is to suck in the belly button! The best way to work this is with “vacuum exercises”, simply pulling the belly button inwards! These can be be done on their own or during other ab exercises. Working the Transverse abdominus will help flatten the stomach and help your posture!

Internal & External obliques – These muscle are located diagonally around the sides of the abs, and work to twist and bend the body side to side. These can be worked with side bends and by adding a twist to your crunches

Quality, Not Quantity!

Many people seem to feel more is better when it comes to abs. “I did 200 situps this morning” is something we hear alot, but it doesn’t mean it’s the best thing for you! When it comes to really working the stomach, slow your movements down and really think about “squeezing the abs”. This will stimulate more abdominal muscle and stop the larger hip flexors taking over! 3-5 sets of 20 reps when done properly will be more than enough to get your abs going!

The three S’s…..Suck, Squeeze and Stability!

Doing standard crunches is just going to work the rectus abdominus! Sucking in the belly button and squeezing the abs will stimulate the transverse abdominus. This will not just tone the stomach, but flatten the belly! Introducing a Bosu or a Swiss ball into your ab workouts will  help you build your core stability. This not only helps posture and your other exercises, but it also means you will hit more areas of the abdominal muscles! Exercise like the Plank are also brilliant to hit all the deep ab muscles, and a great way of improving posture that will help your beach body look!


Posture is so important to a good physique! Working the lower back and hip muscles as well as the abs is vital. This will help maintain a healthy posture and emphasize your abs! Nobody’s belly looks good if they’re hunched over!

Showing off what you’ve got!

The best was to to emphasize your abdominal  muscles is by maintaining a low body fat. This is done with a healthy diet and regular exercise! Don’t just focus on your abs, make sure you’re getting all round, good quality exercise! Make sure you vary your abs exercises! Don’t keep doing the same old things. Change things up to make sure your hitting every part of the abs!

Try this on for size!

Here’s a basic circuit to give you an idea of how to train all the parts of your abs quickly and efficiently!

1) Bicycle crunches – 12 reps – These are like standard crunches with a twist! Perform a normal crunch, by bringing your left elbow to your right knee, then vice versa! Again really focus on squeezing the abs!

2) Side Plank – 20 seconds, both sides – This is performed by facing sideways and placing your elbow on the ground. Your feet are planted sideways on the floor, then raise your hips up. Try and make the body as much of a straight line as possible, then after 20 seconds repeat facing the other way.

3) Leg raises – 12 reps – These can be performed differently depending on your level. Leg raises involve bringing the legs and hips closer to the ribs. These are great at working the bottom on the abs! For beginners start by performing these on the floor. Lay flat on your back and raise the legs upward and towards the torso. For those feeling more advanced they can be performed hanging from a chin bar, leg raise station, or simply off the end of a bed.

4) Plank – 30 seconds – The exercise our clients hate the most, but we don’t know why, we love it!  Facing down, elbows on the floor, raise the hips off the ground and hold a nice flat body position. Its really important to relax the back and shoulders, and really suck the belly button in.

5) Swiss ball crunches – 12 reps – Sit on a swiss ball with your hands over your head. Slowly begin to lie back until your body is flat with your thighs. Then slowly begin to raise back up without hunching the back. Really focus on squeezing the abs and try to keep the ball as still as possible.

Repeat as many times as you needed.

For more advice book in for a free trail session at www.bourne-fit.co.uk

Burning Calories Away From the Gym!

The gym is a fantastic way to stay in shape and get fit, but there are loads of things you can do throughout the day to help increase your calorie consumption and speed up your weight loss!

Very few of your daily calories are burnt in the gym, most are used throughout the day, during normal activities. So a great way of burning calories is to increase your daily activities! Below is a list of 10 simple activities and the calories they burn. This won’t make them any more fun, but when you know how many calories you’ll be burning it might give you more of an incentive to do them!

  • Wax on Wax Off – 30 minutes of polishing your table tops and shelves can burn up to 80 calories, this will burn off the same as 2 and half chocolate fingers!
  • Changing rooms – Give your house and your body a revamp by painting a room. 3 hours of painting can use up to 1030 calories, this is the same as 2 sandwich packs from the supermarket!
  • Fold your clothes to lose your folds – 30 minutes of folding after your ironing can burn 70 calories, this will burn the equivalent of 2 hand a half digestive biscuits!
  • Supermarket Sweat! – 1 hour of pushing your trolley around the supermarket can burn 250 calories! This is the same amount of calories as  nearly 3 crumpets!
  • Longer waits equals less weight! – We all hate it, but standing in line at the bank or the post office can burn 100 calories and hour! This is the sames as a slice of white toast and jam!


  • Trim down your lawn to trim down your tummy! – Now summers on the way take the mower out of the garage. 30 minutes of lawn mowing can use a whopping  200 calories! This is the same amount as 2 chocolate mini rolls!
  • Take the Stairs! – We know the lift looks so appealing, but choosing to the stairs can burn 100 calories in 20 minutes. This would burn the same amount of calories as a fruit scone!
  • Skipping’s not just for kids – Relive your childhood and start skipping again. 30 minutes of skipping in the garden is fun and can burn a huge 350 calories, this is the same as 1 and a half jam donuts!
  • Suck up dust to suck in the stomach! – 30 minutes of vacuuming  does’t just give you a clean carpet it can also burn 100 calories! This is the equivalent of 1 large glass of red wine!
  • Healthy dog healthy you! – Taking the dog for a walk for and hour can burn 200 calories! This is the same amount of calories as in 2 bowls of corn flakes! If you haven’t got a dog, a walk on your own is just as good!

Combining a healthy diet, some good quality exercise a few times a week and keeping active throughout the day will speed up your weight loss goals! To kick start your weight loss and improve your fitness by booking in for a free taster personal training session at http://www.bourne-fit.co.uk/

The balance between Weight Loss and Training

Trying to lose weight or reduce body fat is probably the most common and important goal to people.  It is often a simple balance of what we eat, how much energy we expend and metabolism.

However things are not always straight forward.  People aiming to burn body fat will often sacrifice some energy intake in an attempt to speed results, which can cause some problems.

Enough energy for exercise

Exercise when done correctly, is phenomenal at burning calories and boosting metabolism .    Too little energy will only get you so far, and as soon as you start a precious workout it feels like you have hit a wall.  The trick is to eat slow release energy foods and enough of them to fuel workouts.  Try eating a little more on workout days as a habit.

Hunger levels 

Our hunger levels are dictated by our blood sugar levels.  Low energy leads to high hunger and is more likely to lead to reaching for the emergency biscuits in the top cupboard.

Eat breakfast like a king

This doesn’t necessarily mean eating like a pig!  A substantial breakfast will actually boost metabolism, reduce the chance of hunger later (see above!).  Skipping breakfast or eating very little can only lead to trouble.

Balanced slow release nutrition

This is the key to long term results.  Skipping meals and cutting calories too drastically can only lead to trouble.  Consistency is the key.

8 Week fatburner – Who’s with us?

The Back Story

On a recent stag weekend, the man himself a good friend of mine, requested some help to get in shape for the big day – 8 weeks, maximum results.  We set this plan up to be as simple as possible and later insisted that I would follow it for support, checking in a couple of times a week. Increasing the number of participants has now become an obvious way to improve success and get everyone involved – are you with us?!



Years of experience has shown the majority of people wish to lose weight, or to be more specific, lose Body Fat.  This is essentially the stuff that sits under your skin causing lack of tone, poor shape, health issues and weight gain.  In some cases the main goal may be weight loss, in others a desire to improve physique by conditioning muscle and reducing body fat at the same time.   Either way, this works.

This approach switches the body to burning fat by slowing the release of insulin, a fat storing hormone.  We remove toxins, empty calories, sugars and major foods known to slow results. Following this, people typically experience much more energy, feeling healthier and improved sleep patterns (AND less Body Fat!)

We aim to simplify things, including easy foods to prepare and stick to in order to get solid results.

We will use these meals as gospel for now as most people repeat meals weekly anyway.  There is flexibility, you essentially just need to be eating lean proteins, fruit and veg and we can get onto more variety later.

On with the plan

Fancy taking part? – you can join us at any time, free of charge.  Just email us at

si.lesser@gmail.com and we will send you all the info you need..


Secrets to slow release, fat burning nutrition

We all know that the speed our food releases is essential.  Food that release energy slowly are great for fat burning, weight loss,  improving energy levels and keeping hunger at bay.  These are the foods we should be eating most of the time, excluding during and after exercise.

Foods that tend to be particularly good are foods high in protein (chicken, fish, eggs and beans) and foods high in fibre (vegetables, fruits, beans again!, peas, oats).  The combinations and list of do’s and don’ts is endless, and will be covered at another time.  Here we will look at other options to slow the release of our foods.

Chewing thoroughly

It makes total sense but is hardly ever followed.  We are supposed to chew food 20-30 times before swallowing, generally our meals are hoovered.  The more we chew, the slower the energy is released and the less stress on the digestive system.

Including some fat

Fat is known as a bad word, but in fats are even slower release than proteins.  We are not talking about fast food fats or saturated fats here, but foods such as avocado, oily fish, nuts, seeds and their oils.  Sprinkle seeds on your porridge in the morning, add olive oil to salads etc to slow the release.

Keeping portion sizes down

A large portion is like a rush of energy for the body and releases quickly.  We should keep to small portions anyway especially for fat loss, but this is another less obvious way of slowing things down.

Beware the extras

A hearty meal of fresh fish and vegetables washed down with 2 glasses of wine or even fruit juice will counteract the effects.  High protein slow release meals followed by a high calorie dessert will do the same.  Drinking caffeinated drinks like tea and coffee will also have an effect on blood sugar levels.